Too many hobbies

I have a bad tendency to jump into things and then never finish them.  Because of this, I have far too many hobbies.

1.  Video Games – At the moment, it is Warhammer Online.  I was playing EVE for about a month, but the time commitment is a bit much and it was simply a diversion for me until WAR came out anyways.  Besides those two, I’ve got tons of other games that I started but never finished, including Bioshock, GTA4, Blue Dragon, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and that’s just for the Xbox 360.  Hopefully WAR will keep me interested, since I really don’t need another AoC (which I played for about 2 months).

2.  Card Games – I am playing Magic the Gathering, though the time commitment for that has been dwindling.  I’ve started playing the Warcraft CCG occasionally, but that’s no where near serious.  The next set of MtG doesn’t really have any of our group all that excited, so we may be moving onto other games before long.

3.  Fencing – I’ve decided to take up Renaissance Fencing for some more excersise, but right now, finding time to practice is proving difficult.  It’s something I’m definitely interested in, and I really need to motivate myself to keep up with it.

4.  Disc Golf – During the summer I try and play disc golf every day.  It’s been fun and great excersise.  With Fall and Winter coming up soon, this time will be spent doing other things, but for now it’s yet another thing to do.

5.  Warhammer 40k – A friend of mine and I play this on occasion during the winter months, and it’s great.  Problem is, I dislike playing with boring unpainted figures, so I need time to paint them.  I’ve got most of an Eldar army painted, but there is a lot of little things that still need to be finished.  And then there is the Necron army and Chaos Space Marine army that I’ve barely touched.  And the Orc army that I may be starting this year.  Add in the Warmachine game that looks really cool, and you’ve got a lot of unfinished projects.

6.  Paintball – I’ve been able to play a good amount this year, but along with that, I’ve been working on modifying a couple of my markers.  Of course, none of them are complete.  My 98c still needs some finishing work, and needs to be painted.  My Spyder needs a lot of milling and probably an anno job before it is done.  Then there is the autococker that I’d like to get fixed up before next year.

Somewhere in all of that I need to go to work and spend some time with my family.  What’s a guy to do, though, when you’re in a small town without much going on.



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