New Computer!


The computer parts I ordered last week arrived yesterday, so after dinner and putting my son to bed, I was off to get things setup.  There was a bit of panic when my wife’s PC wouldn’t boot, but after about an hour of frantic memory replacement and BIOS resetting, I realized that there was a thumbdrive that has been know to cause problems still plugged into the computer.  Stupid me.  Once that was removed, everything went smoothly there, so now she’s up and running with WAR.

My computer went together silky smooth.  My only regret is not getting a modular power supply.  There were quite a few unused power chords that are stuck by the hard drive.  Other than that, there were not problems in the assembly and once I fired it up, it worked like a charm.  I managed to get Vista installed and now I have WAR on there as well.  Hopefully I’ll get to play some tonight and really test it out.

The full specs:
Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo @ 3.0 GHz
ASUS P5Q Pro Motherboard
4 Gigabytes of DDR2 800 RAM
512MD ATi Radeon 4750
Western Digital 640GB SATA hard drive
Power and Cooling 500W power supply



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