Eventful Weekend

We were originally planning on visiting my grandparents this weekend, but due to the weather and my parents not wanting to drive we had a change of plans.  Instead Gina and I drove the other way and visited my parents, since my sister and aunt were also in town.  We only stayed one night, though, because we had other things we wanted to do this weekend.  Like play WAR!

My wife is now playing and having a blast.  Literally.  She’s playing a Bright Wizard, which for those who don’t know, is the class that throws fires around.  I’m playing a dwarf Ironbreaker to protect her.  It’s been a lot of fun so far and we made it into Tier 2 tonight.  I’ve even managed to get her into some of the RvR stuff.  Here is a screenshot of my dwarf.

As for Tinius, things have been going well.  They’ve increased the amount of experience for the high levels, so I’m progressing a bit quicker now.  Here he is in his latest outfit.

And here he is at the last fight of a public quest.  We’re fighting a sorceror that has just summoned a giant demon to attack us.


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