Iron Breaker at 13

Knob, my mighty dwarf Iron Breaker, is about to hit 14, so I figured I’d git a recap of what I’ve been up to lately.  My wife is playing a Bright Wizard and acts as a companion to Knob most of the time.  We’ve been journeying through the dwarf pairing, and I have to say that I am enjoying it a bit more than the elf pairing.  It’s not that it’s strictly better, but the feeling of the quests are just more my style.  They all revolve around vengeance against the orders of destruction, finding lost artifacts and gold, or getting someone more ale.  It’s much nicer than the stuffy elf quests.

As far as powers go, in PvE I basically spam Grudging Blow and the occasional Taunt to keep the baddies off my wife.  She does all the damage, so I just need to tank.  Vengeful Strike and Shield of Reprisal get some use when fighting bigger mobs, but usually it’s a pretty basic chain.  RvR adds a few more in at this point.  I get my snare in Binding Grudge, and I get to unleash a few of my higher damage powers, but still I pretty much rely on Taunt and getting in the enemies’ way long enough for my team to take them down.

My biggest issue at this point in RvR, is that I have few good ways of potecting my team.  I have Guard, which is awesome and of course Taunt, which can be quite useful, but that’s it.  Hold the Line seems ok, but doesn’t get a lot of use.  Shield of Reprisal could be awesome, but it requires me to block an attack first, which doesn’t happen nearly often enough, especially when they are attacking my team instead of me.  Eventually I’ll be getting some knockbacks and better defensive things, but for now I’m just a speedbump.

Beyond that, I’m really enjoying the Iron Breaker.  He’s short and ornery and carries a big axe.


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