Good to be home.

Kind of a late update, but I’ve been tired and lazy the last few days.

Last wednesday I went to the Sci-Fi Museum and Experience Music Project in Seattle.  It is located right next to the Space Needle, so I managed to see that, which was cool.  The SFM/EMP is a really neat place.  The SFM has a bunch of cool stuff, like the original Enterprise captain’s chair from Star Trek, the Borg headgear worn by Locutus, and weapons from all kind of different shows.  The exhibits were broken into themes, so there would be a section on cyborgs with blurbs about the role they played in science fiction and then a bunch of examples of books and movies that conatined those themes.  It was a lot of fun to see all the different displays and I definitely learned a lot.  I also added a bunch of books and authors to my ever increasing reading list.

The Experience Music Project was even more fun.  While I already knew a lot of the things from the SFM, the EMP held a lot of information on things I was less familiar with.  I spent some time in the wing dedicated to local Seattle artists, but the highlights were the Guitar Gallery and the Effects Lab.  The guitar gallery contained a history of the guitar from early accoustic models up through to the electric guitars and basses of today.  It also had a few guitars of some more famous artists, including the guitar Eric Clapton used when he recorded Layla.  Then there was the effects lab.  It had a bunch of little booths with instruments hooked up to computer screens that basically acted like the Rock Band games.  For example, the guitar had lights along the fret board that would show where to press to play a song.  Then using the computer, it would instruct you on how to play.  It was a lot of fun and I ended up learning how to play  “Louis, Louis” on the guitar.

After that I headed over to find the Pike Street Market.  It took a while to find parking, but eventually I made my way over there.  That was quite the place.  Open air fish and produce stands, craft stalls, and musicians littered the place.  One of the fish stands had the notable fish throwers out and tossing fish around.  I wandered around there and ended up picking up some toys at a little wind-up toy shop and then a Jawa bobble head for myself at the comic store there.

As I was about to head over to Boeing for work, I ended up receiving word that the generator was down, so I wouldn’t be able to work there.  I ended up heading back to my hotel for a bit before going over to the mall nearby for dinner and just ended up wandering around there for a while before calling it a night.  Thursday and Friday were spent working for the most part, and then I made it home safely on Saturday to a very happy family.  My son loved the new toys and my wife has already started on a new sweater with the new yarn.

All in all it was a fun and productive trip.  I wouldn’t mind going out again, but preferably not anytime soon.


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