WAR Witching Weekend

Thursday night I spent about 30 minutes out in BFP fighting until the PQ started.  It was nothing but a zerg with Destro pinning us in the warcamp.  As a Witch Hunter there wasn’t much I could do, so after gaining 25 influence I left.

Saturday I managed to grind out some Specters with my wife and got a few gobbo masks, which are great.  Still didn’t even get close to the first influence reward and didn’t really care enough to go for more.

Yesterday I managed to get into 2 of the PQs in BFP with my Witch Hunter.  Both were won by Order and the first one I actually got a few swings at the Lord before he was taken down.  Somehow I managed to place in the top ten for contribution and ended up with the second place roll netting me a purple bag.

The second PQ was a much more unorganized zerg, and I saw Syp running around shooting everything.  I was much less productive in that one, as anytime I got a little far away from the group I would get sucked in by a Magus and killed.  Order still managed to win, but I barely got within site of the Lord before it died, so no kill count for me.  And I ended up placing 38th in the roll.

Over the course of the weekend I managed to get about 5k influence on two characters.  So even together I wouldn’t have made it to the first reward.

High points:
– Interesting combat in the RvR lakes.  Sure it was like herding cats, but it was fun.
– The masks are great, and I’m glad I was able to get at least the one.

Low points:
– Small PQ area forcing a zerg.  A wider area, or at least an area farther from the warcamps would have been nicer.
– Limited PQ objectives.  I would have liked to see some sort of static objective so that if the other side doesn’t participate you could still win.
– Influence needs were way too high.  With the tiny about of influence gained in the PQ, and the limited number of spawns for the NPCs it took a huge amount of effort to even get the first level of contribution.

Overall, I had fun.  I think it was a successful test, but there are definitely things that Mythic could have done better.


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