Altitus has struck…

…and I had been doing so well.

For quite a while there Tinius was my only character.  I still enjoy playing him, but he’s kind of reached a plateau.  He’s higher than all my friends’ alts, but he’s stuck lower than their mains, so I’m stuck soloing or PUG RvR-ing.  Then my wife started playing and so I’ve been playing Knob the Ironbreaker with her and it’s looking like he will take over as my highest level character pretty soon.

Last night, though, I decided to roll a warrior priest.  I got him up to level 7 and he’s a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed playing a cleric in Dungeons and Dragons, and a Paladin in WoW was one of my higher level characters.  The warrior priest fits in well with that kind of mentality of hitting things hard while keeping your friends alive.

So now I have three “mains” that will be splitting my time.  I’m sure Knob will get the bulk of my time, as I’m dedicated to get someone to 40 for guild play, but knowing the way my wife and I play, the others will get plenty of attention too.


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