Daily quests = FUN

Last night was one of the best half hours of WAR I have experienced.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play, so I just logged on with Knob to complete the Heavy Metal daily quest for the day.  When I checked the Tome, it told me that I needed to complete 3 stages of a Public Quest.  I immediately checked the Open Groups in the area and found, to my delite, that there were three decent sized groups running PQs in my area.  I jumped in with the closest one and got there in time to finish the first stage of the PQ.  As a group, we then managed to easily take down stages 2 through 4 and finished up the PQ.  The rewards weren’t great for me since I was a few levels over the intended, but it was the first time in months that I’ve completed a PQ.  I really miss the days of overly populated PQs in Tier 1, and it was a lot of fun being able to jump into a group and just blaze through a PQ.

I think Mythic has done a nice job so far with this latest event, and I really hope they can continue to provide this kind of incentive to get people interested in these kinds of things.


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