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I haven’t touched my Warhammer 40k minis in almost a year now.  It just happens that with only two of us in the area that play we only play during the winter months.  Those are quickly approaching, so I figured I’d break them out and try to get a few of the incomplete models I had into some semblance of order.  Last night I was able to get a War Walker put together, and then I based the walker, Farseer, Troupe Master, and the Bone Singer.  Now I just need to prime them and get ready to paint them.

As far as things that need to get done with my army, here’s a list of things I know I need to finish for my Eldar army.

  • Jetbike (primed and ready to be painted)
  • Viper (primed and ready to be painted)
  • 3 Dire Avengers (primed and ready to be painted)
  • 2 Harlequins (primed and ready to be painted)
  • Shadowseer (primed and ready to be painted)
  • War Walker (needs another scatter laser and to be primed)
  • Farseer (needs to be primed)
  • Troupe Master (needs to be primed)
  • Bone Singer (needs to be primed, not needed for army)
  • 5 pieces of Wraith Bone landscape (needs to be painted)


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