Weekend Update

I did a little of everything this weekend.

I played a lot of Warhammer Online as always and managed to pick up another rank and a renown rank.  The renown rank was nice, as now I can wear the full Devastator set that I have.  I also managed to help my wife get to 30 and started doing some Tier 4 stuff with her.  The bad thing is that her computer lags badly in some of the T4 scenarios, which is weird since she didn’t have much problems in open RvR stuff with lots of players.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with my son, making some Christmas presents with him and trying to get back into painting my Warhammer 40k figures.  Having a 2.5-year-old around makes that much more difficult as he wants to help.  I did give him a brush and a figure to paint, so now I have a very beautiful green/blue Necron warrior and a pink/black Dark Eldar.  I wasn’t able to get much done, but I was at least able to get some stuff started.


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