Warhammer 40k Battle Report from Saturday

So this Saturday a friend and I drove an hour to go play a few games of Warhammer 40k.  About 10 people showed up for the games, and it was a lot of fun playing against some new people.  All told I got to play two games.

The first game was againt Space Marines.  He had two squads of marines, a Rhino transport, a scout squad and a nasty terminator squad.  I had two squads of Pathfinders, a squad of Harlequins, a squad of Dire Avengers with my Doomseer, a squad of War Walkers and a squad of jetbikes.  It was a great game with a lot of close combat.  His scouts attacked my avengers on the first turn and locked them up for a few turns.  I was able to kill them off before his terminators deep struck in, but they still didn’t end up scattering.  My Pathfinders were able to immobilize his Rhino on the first turn because he messed up his movement and I was able to see the front corner and got some lucky rolls.  The Walkers didn’t do much, since the missile launcher couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn, and they got destroyed mostly before they got in range of his more open units.  His Terminators with claws and hammers decimated my Harlequins and Avengers, but the Doomseer was able to kill one with his pistol.  He couldn’t kill my Pathfinders hiding in my tower, so he decided to assault the tower and managed to destroy it.  The Pathfinders jumped to safety, and were able to kill a few Terminator and get them to run away, but not far enough.  So they were still contesting my objective and I didn’t quite get close enough to his, so it ended up as a win in his favor.  It was a great game with some very memorable moments.

The second game was against my friend, and he ended up borrowing a space marine army from another guy for the game.  This army wasn’t quite as tricked out and contained 2 marine squads, a squad of assault marines, a squad of terminators and two dreadnaughts.  There was a bit more cover in this one, which worked to my advantage.  My Pathfinders were deep in the trees and were nigh impossible to kill, and my Walkers were able to get much better shots on his marines.  The missile launchers were again horrible inaccurate, but the rest of the shots were too much for him to handle and the Space Marines just couldn’t handle it.  At the end of turn 5, he had a terminator, an assault marine, 4 space marines and his two dreadnaughts left on the table.  I had only lost 4 harlequins, 2 pathfinders and a few jetbikes.  It’s also important to note that his assault marines were having a tough time with jumping into the trees and dying to dangerous terrain tests.  He lost two out of the six that way.

Overall it was a lot of fun.  I met some new people and got registered for the tournament next month.  My friend bought up a bunch of Space Marine stuff so he will have an army ready to go for the tournament as well.


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