A New Dawn

Eldar force:
2 War Walkers with Missile Launchers
3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers
5 Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent with Shuriken Cannons
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with dual Shuricats, Defend and Bladestorm
Farseer with Doom, Fortune and Spirit Stones
5 Rangers
5 Rangers

Marine force:
10 Marines, Sergeant, Flamer, Rocket launcher in a Rhino
10 Marines, Sergeant, Flamer, Rocket launcher
5 Terminators, 4 with power fists, 1 with power weapon
8 Assault Marines
Dreadnaught with close combat weapon and multi melta
Space Marine Captain

As dawn broke on the barren planet, the Eldar forces were faced with the task of eliminating the Ultramarine scourge.  Forces were deployed at opposite corners even though a pitched battle was expected.  One squad of rangers took cover behind a small hill, while the other squad stayed out of sight, hoping to catch the enemy unawares.  The Walkers made the first move in order to scout the enemy position and to get a better vantage point.  The Eldar successfully disrupted the enemy and were able to take the initiative in the battle.

The first round saw little action as the enemy was still out of range.  The Serpent sped forward with the blessing of the Farseer in order to deliver its precious cargo.  A few rockets were fired and one ranger was caught in the blast.  The dreadnought and assault troops advanced on the open flank.

As the sun climbed higher, the second wave of rangers entered the fray.  With little cover on the enemy flank, they decided to fall in behind the walkers.  The scatter lasers were able to get range on one of the squads of Marines and reduced their number, while the missiles only managed to disarm the Rhino.  The Avengers continued their march towards the enemy and the Serpent again sped towards the enemy.  At this point the assault marines and Dreadnought turned to face the oncoming threat, but all shots at the Serpent were ineffective.

With the Serpent in position it disgorged the Fire Dragons and they made a dash for the Dreadnought.  The Serpent followed by moving back to support and get in range to pickup the Avengers.  The scatter lasers and missile launchers combined to nearly whipe out the Space Marine Commander’s squad, leaving only a few survivers.  The Fire Dragons made short work of the Dreadnought, leaving nothing but a flaming crater.  Once this was completed, though, they fell to the terrible onslaught of the assault marines and had little chance of reprisal.  A Terminator squad also appeared on the field and decimated one of the ranger squads.

In a feeble attempt to protect themselves, the Walkers tried to take down the Terminators with mass laser fire, but the Terminators proved too tough.  The Avengers, though, had an open shot on the Assault Marines and used it fully to their advantage, killing all but two.  The rangers killed one more, but left the commander standing.  The crew of the Rhino finally disembarked and the Rhino foolishly attempted to ram the Serpent, leaving nothing but a scratch.  The terminators managed to get into combat with the Walkers and their power fists were too much, leaving nothing but some wreckage.

The battle began to dwindle as the casualties rose.  This would prove to be the last chance for the Eldar.  The missile launchers were able to take out a couple more marines, but not enough to be significant.  With a lack of targets in sight, the rest of the army was forced to position itself for a prolonged fight.  This was not to be, though, as the terminator crested a hill and rained fire down upon the remaining rangers, leaving no one alive.  The Space Marine captain boarded the Rhino with the rest of the large squad and was able to make it to safety.

The end score was Space Marines 4, Eldar 1.


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