Eldar vs. Marines

Farseer with Doom, Guide and Spirit Stones
6 Rangers
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with dual Suriken Cannons and Bladestorm
Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones and twin linked Shuriken Cannons
6 Harlequins (4 with kisses), Shadowseer with Kiss, Troupe Master with power sword
3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers
2 War Walkers with Eldar Missile Launchers

Ultramarine Forces:
10 Marines in a Rhino
10 Marines with Captain
7 Assault Marines
5 Terminators

The scene was set.  The ruined hulk of an abandoned forge stood amongst the elegant spires of wraithbone.  The Eldar positioned themselves behind a small wooded area with the Ranger seated carefully in the trees.  The scourge of the Ultramarines moving in from behind the ruined building with the intent to wipe out the Eldar.

As the battle started, the Ultramarines saw their transport destroyed by a guided missile.  One marine perished in the resulting explosion and the rest dove to the ground to try and stay out of the line of fine.  Another marine fell to sniper fire.  The Wave Serpent spead across the field to try and get a better flanking position.  The marines and the dreadnought made a break for the cover of the building.

As the battle raged on, the War Walkers were guided and tried to whittle down the remains of the stranded  marine squad, but many of the shots fell short and only one marine fell.  This is a view of the battle up to this point.

The assault marines encountered a bit of a miscalculation during their jump and ended up on the far side of the battle with minimal support.  The rest of the marines from the rhino spread out and moved towards the Serpent and the rest of the marines managed to get better situated behind the building.

The Dire Avengers disembarked from the Wave Serpent and made their way towards the assault marines.  They unleashed a hail of fire, but were generally ineffective, only downing one marine.  The guided Walkers were more effective firing on the tactical squad, leaving only one marine with a rocket launcher alive.  That marine proved survived the fire from the snipers and the Wave Serpent, but then decided he had had enough and ran.  The Terminators managed to arrive and dropped in behind the Rangers and Harlequins.  They opened fire and took out two of the Harlequins.  The Assault Marines engaged the Dire Avengers and the avengers got the upper hand taking down one, but they ended up losing two in the return, but did not back down.

The terminators did not last long, though.  The Farseer doomed them and the guided Harlequins made short work, even in their thick armor.  The assault marines lost a few more to the avengers, but they were able to take down a few of the avengers as well.  The missile launcher equipped Walkers managed to get a lucky hit and turned the dreadnought into a slag heap.

The rest of the battle had little action.  The avengers and assault marines made little headway against each other, and the rest of the Eldar force eventually made it into view of the bunkered marines and demoralized them.

The final score: Eldar 3, Marines 0.

Here is a view of the final turn and the fleeing marines.


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