Corsair Fleet vs the Blue Menace (1300 points)

The Corsairs of the Alaitoc Craftworld were again destined to meet the scurge of the Ultramarines.  As the tanks rolled into battle, the Eldar knew it would be a challenging day.  Luckily the Corsairs were prepared for this situation.

Farseer with Doom
10 Dire Avenger, Exarch with dual shuriken catapults and bladestorm
Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones and EML
10 Dire Avenger, Exarch with dual shuriken catapults and bladestorm
Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones and EML
5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones and EML
6 Jetbikes with 2 Shuriken Cannons
3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers

3 Tactical Squads two with Lascannons, and one with heavy bolter
Space Marine Captain
4 Razorbacks, 2 with Lascannons, 2 with Heavy Bolters
2 Predators with Lascannon turret and bolter sponsons
1 Vindicator

There was some question of whether he could buy 4 Razorbacks seeing as he only had 3 tactical squads, but since we lacked time I let it go as is.

We rolled for the game and came up with annihilation first, we weren’t too keen on that, so we rerolled and got Capture and Control.  For deployment it was going to be a Pitched Battle.  I lost the roll-off and had to deploy first.  The picture below shows the deployment, with my tanks all together, screened by the jetbikes.  The Walkers were trying to get behind the cover of the hill.  His tanks were setup in a nice line covering the Vindicator.  Two razobacks and two combat squads were held by his objective.


The Ultramarines ended up stealing the initiative and proceeded to move the tank line forward.  The lascannons failed to affect the Serpents and the Vidicator couldn’t quite reach the jetbikes.  The heavy bolter razorbacks did successfully take out one of the walkers, though.  The Eldar moved up behind the hills to get out of site.  The Dragon Serpent moved flat out while the two Avenger Serpents were able to fire their missiles.  Shooting was generally ineffective, though and only one of the lascannon razobacks lost its weapon.


On the second turn, another walker fell to heavy bolter fire, and three of the jetbikes succumbed to the Vindicator’s blast.  The lascannons continued to fail to have an effect.  The serpents moved up, and the Dragons were unloaded.  They made short work of one of the Predators with their melta guns, though one of them was lost in the resulting blast.  The missiles from the Serpents ended up taking out the other Predator and the Vindicator.  The remaining Walker was able to down one of the marines hiding in the woods.


Turn three started with one of the lascannons taking out the guns on the Dragon Serpent.  The marines jumped out of the Razorback, but they were unable to do any damage.  The heavy bolters were able to take out one of the jetbikes and one of the weapons on the remaining walker.  The Serpent with the Farseer headed back to the Eldar objective to cut off the approaching marines.  The other Avenger Serpent moved up and unloaded its cargo.  The Dragons moved up to shoot at the razorback and were successful in destroying it.  The Avengers unleashed a storm of shurikens and reduced the marines to one man, who ran but stayed on the board.  The Walker only managed to shake one of the heavy bolter Razorback.


The remaining Razorback moved up, and the marines got out and finished off the jetbikes.  One of the lascannons in the woods was able to destroy the Avenger Serpent and three Avengers fell to heavy bolter fire.  They did end up falling back for a few.  The other lascannon was able to remove the last weapon from the Walker.  The Avengers then regrouped, and moved toward the remaining Dragon Serpent.  The Dragons got back on board, and lacking any weapons, it proceeded to ram the Captain’s Razorback at full speed.  In the process the marine in the way was forced to fall back, but didn’t go far.  The Razorback did not survive the collision, while the Serpent was only shaken.  The Farseer’s squad took out all but one of the marines near their objectives.


On turn 5, the marines were unable to stop the Serpent advancing on their objective.  The one marine near the Eldar objective got back on his Razoback and moved up onto the hill.  The Farseer’s squad moved onto the Eldar objective, and the Dragon Serpent forced itself onto the marine objective, the Dragons hopping out and killing one marine.  The six Avengers moved toward the objective and finished off the straggling marine and the Razorback on the hill was immobilized by the only armed Serpent.  The weaponless walker moved toward the razorback, hoping for a charge.


The game went to turn six, and again the marines were unable to damage the Serpent, though they did take out the Dragons.  Two of the advancing Avengers fell to heavy bolter fire.  The one marine near the Eldar objective made a run to contest, the ended up getting doomed and falling to a deluge of shuriken fire.  One of the squads in the trees was reduced to a lone lascannoneer by the other Avenger squad.  The Walker did make it into assault with the Razorback, but failed to make an impact.


The game ended on turn six with the Eldar holding their objective and contesting the marine objective.  All but one of the marine tanks had been destroyed and two of the squads had been wiped out.  The Eldar had lost the Dragons, jetbikes, a Serpent and two walkers.

Victory to the Eldar.

The game went well, with a few good streaks of rolling a few less than great turns.  The jetbikes underperformed and really should have been kept to the edge of the battle.  The War Walkers were far too vulnerable, and would have been better used outflankning from reserves.  Losing one on the first turn and another the next turn really limited their effectiveness.  I was able to support the Dragons well with the Serpents and so they were able to do a lot of damage.  The Farseer didn’t really add anything to the battle, doom just wasn’t as effective against a mostly mechanized army.



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