1000pt Chaos vs Ultramarines

Seeing as how the tournament that was originally planned for the weekend was postponed due to flooding in the area, my friend Ryan and I decided to play a 1000 point game so I could try out my new Chaos army.

Chaos Lord on bike, with a daemon weapon
4 Bikers, 2 with meltaguns
10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 meltaguns
Rhino with Havok Launcher
8 Khorne Berzerkers, Champion with Power Fist
6 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters, Champion with Doom Siren and Power Weapon

Ultra Marines:
2 Razorbacks with Lascannons and a squad of Scouts in each
2 Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters and a squad of Marines in Each
Chapter Master riding with one of the Marine squads
2 Predators with Lascannons and side heavy bolters

We rolled for game type and deployment, and we ended up with Seize Ground with Table Quarters.  There was a total of 3 objectives.  One was place in the trees on the hill, another was place nearby in the open, and the last was behind the large hill.  I won the roll off, and decided to go first.

The Rhinos with the Noise Marines and Zerkers were at the front edge of my deployment zone, along with the bikers.  The Havok Launcher Rhino was held back behind the trees to fire the occasional shot and protect the objective.  Ryan deployed the Predators and Heavy Bolter Razorbacks in a line facing my Rhinos.  His Lascannon Razorbacks were deployed covering the back side of the large hill.


Ryan tried to steal the initiative, but luckily for me he failed.  The first turn wasn’t too eventful for me.  My bikes roared toward his line and the Rhinos moved up with the Berzerker’s Rhino in front popping smoke to obscure the shots on them.  Ryan moved up, disembarked the marines, and fired everything into the oncoming bikers.  The bikers survived the volley, only losing the two leaving the meltagunners and Lord alive.


On turn two, the Lord split from the bikers and headed toward the marine squad without the Chapter Master.  The remaining bikers moved up and fired on the first Predator and turned it into a pile of scrap.  The Rhinos continued their advance, this time with the Noise Marines popping smoke.  The other Rhino fired its havok launcher at one of the marine squads killing one marine.  In assault, the Lord attacked the marines, but his daemon weapon rebelled and he ended up taking a wound.  The marines couldn’t touch him, so they would go on fighting.  The Ultramarine tanks backed away from the assault and fired on the Chaos Rhinos, but only managed to shake or stun them.  The other marine squad joined the assault, and the real fun began.  The Lord managed to regain control of his weapon, and killed a few marines.  The Chapter Master’s sword swung true and managed to injure the Lord.  None of the marines ran, though, and the fight would continue.


dsc04541-1024The Zerkers and Noise marines jumped out of their transports and charged into battle.  In shooting, the havok launcher managed to take out the heavy bolter on one of the Razorbacks, and the bikers melted the other Predator.  In assault, the Berzerkers changed the Razorback that was still armed, but only succeeded in stunning and shaking it.  The Noise Marines piled into the ongoing assault and while the Noise Champion and Lord failed to injure the Chapter Master, the other Noise Marines succeeding in taking out a couple marines.  The battle raged on, and on Ryan’s turn, the Chaos Lord and two of the Noise Marines perished to the Ultramarines, but not before wounding the Chapter Master.  The Zerkers immobilized the Razorback, but it was still capable of shooting.  The Ultramarine’s lascannons killed off one of the remaining bikers and caused the last one to run for the border.


As turn four rolled around, Zerkers pulled off of the tanks and plowed into the melee.  The Chapter Master took another wound on the Chaos turn and the three Marines from his squad were eliminated.  The bravely foolish marines decided to continue the fight, though.dsc04544-1024 The Chapter Master and Sergeant would finally perish on Ryan’s turn.  At this point the Lascannon Razorbacks were moving towards the objective behind the hill, while one of the Chaos Rhinos was moved to try and contest.


Turn five would end up being the last turn.  This was detrimental to me, because I realized as I passed the turn, that while I had managed to move two of my Rhinos into position to contest two objectives, I had forgotten to disembark my Chaos Marines and move them into a controlling position on the objective they had been guarding all game.  Ryan’s Razorbacks were able to get close enough to the objective to control, but he managed to roll a 1 for penetrating the Rhino with the Lascannon, so it survived to contest.  He rolled to see if the game would end, and it did.


The final score was both sides contolling 0 objectives for a draw.  This was the scene at my objective that I should have controlled.  Overall it was a fun game, and it was nice to try something different.  Ryan had some terrible luck, and I think it would have been a lot different if he hadn’t rolled 1’s to penetrate the Rhinos at least twice.dsc04547-1024


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