Progress Update

I didn’t do much painting over the weekend.  Spent part of the time doing some home repairs, and the rest playing Fable 2.  I did get a little done, though, and some more done tonight.

First up are the mission counters that I’ve been meaning to make for a while.  Since 5th Edition needs anywhere from 0-5 counters depending on the mission, I figured I’d make up some quick Eldar themed markers for fun.  These were made from various spare bits from the Dire Avenger, War Walker and Wraithlord sets and based on normal infantry bases with some sand that will be painted to match my other bases.


Next up are the bases for my Wraithlords.  They were done with the fancy bases that come with the Walkers and Wraithlords, and then covered with sand and larger gravel.  I love those bases, but they get a little generic if you have 8 of them.  So most of mine are covered so they look more unique.  One of these has the missile cut down so there isn’t as much of a lump in the middle of the base.



Last but not least, some more Berzerkers.  The one on the left I finished up the silver and red detailing tonight, and now just needs some touch-ups, highlights and a dark wash to give it some depth.  The one on the right was completed over the weekend.


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  1. 1 Fritz April 30, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Love the Eldar objectives- been looking for an idea to make a set or two for my own army.

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