WIP: Farseer Jetbike Update

I cleaned up the jetbike a bit and repainted the gems.  They turned out a lot better this time, in my opinion.  I still need to do some highlights on the black and silver.  I also used some greenstuff to attach the banner pole to the back of the bike.  It needs some cleanup once it sets, and then that will get painted.

Here’s the bike so far:


As for the Farseer, I made some significant mods to a Dire Avenger Exarch’s head and added some greenstuff gems that should work pretty well.


So far it is coming along pretty well.


2 Responses to “WIP: Farseer Jetbike Update”

  1. 1 kitsunex May 22, 2009 at 12:10 am

    the Gems look awesome! what method did you use to paint them?

    i like the mods to the exarch head. after the GS cures are you going to file them a bit to smooth them out?

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