1600 Points Ultramarines vs. Alaitoc

Catos, 5 Marines with Flamer
10 Marines with Flamer and Rocket Launcher
10 Marines with Flamer and Lascannon
10 Scouts
2 Razorbacks with Lascannons
2 Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters
2 Predators with Lascannons and side Heavy Bolters

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, dual catapults, Bladestorm
Wave Serpent, Spirit Stones, Brightlance
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, dual catapults, Bladestorm
Wave Serpent, Spirit Stones, Brightlance
Fire Dragons, Exarch, Flamer, Crackshot
Wave Serpent, Spirit Stones, Scatter Laser
6 Jetbikes, two shuricannons
3 War Walkers, Scatter Lasers
8 Pathfinders

The game ended up being Annihilation with Dawn of War deployment. I lost the roll and was forced to go first.  I didn’t deploy anything initially, but infiltrated the Pathfinders into the trees in the center of the table.  Catos, his squad and one of the heavy bolter razorbacks deployed behind the large hill.  The Ultramarines failed to steal the initiative, and the game was on.



Everything started out alright with the Eldar skimmers boosting up the center of the field.  The Walkers took up a position in the center near the Pathfinders, and the Jetbikes made an attempt to destroy Catos’ transport, but failed to see it in the darkness.  The Ultramarines had better luck with visibility but had little luck in the shooting, not able to down any of the tanks.


On the second turn, the Jetbikes and Wave Serpent failed to damage Catos’ transport, so it was up to my Fire Dragons to crack that nut, which they did quite handily.  I was hoping to use them on the squishy units inside, but that was not to be.  The War Walkers managed to turn another Razorback into a molten heap, which killed a marine in the explosion.  In retaliatory fire, the Ultramarines took out two bikers, tow Dragons, the Scatter Lasers on the Serpent and a Walker, but the Eldar valiantly stood their ground.


At this point, I started to get a bit silly.  Instead of mounting the Dragons up, I moved them out to fire on Catos’ squad.  In the ensuing turns, the Dragons took out Catos’ squad, though he had moved into the larger squad.  The Avengers Bladestormed the larger squad and managed to reduce it to half strength, while the Fire Prism was able to get one shot on the Scouts and took out four of them before being shaken for the rest of the game.


The other Avengers’ Wave Serpent spent most of the game on the wrong side of the field trying to plink things with its Bright Lance.  It did finally succeed in downing the Vindicator, and the Pathfinder got a lucky shot and took out a Razorback.  The Walkers were neutered by lascannon fire, and only one survived by hiding out behind some trees.

On the final turn, I made the worst tactical decision for the sake of entertainment.  Since the Avengers couldn’t shoot because of Bladestorm, I decided to have them and the Dragons assault Catos and the 3 Marines with him.  The performed admirably taking down two marine and wounding Catos, but they could not withstand the power weapon and lost five of their number.  Both squads ran from battle, but neither was swept up by the oncoming Marines.  This wouldn’t matter, though, as the game would end after turn 5.


Overall it was a fairly close game.  Ryan was happy, since he was actually able to hurt my tanks pretty badly, and managed to actually wreck one for the first time in many game.  The game did end in a draw, with the Eldar getting killpoints for three Razorbacks, a Vindicator and a Tactical Squad; and the Ultramarines getting killpoints for a Wave Serpent, the Jetbikes, Fire Dragons, Dire Avengers and Farseer.  If it weren’t for my silly assault on the last turn, I could have had a win, but that isn’t as important as trying different things and just having fun.


2 Responses to “1600 Points Ultramarines vs. Alaitoc”

  1. 1 DaveV June 4, 2009 at 8:44 am

    That’s quite the wall of Space Marine tanks. Looks like a very fun game.

  2. 2 s00nertp September 26, 2010 at 12:04 am

    Eldar chaaarge!

    Fun is always worth it, thanks for the batrap.

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