WIP: Wraithlord

Some more work on the second Wraithlord.  All that is left is to finish up the highlighting, the loincloth and some touch-ups.



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  1. 1 John July 20, 2009 at 7:38 am

    Love the blue armor. That’s the Alaitoc effect I want on mine. You often see quite “messy” blue armor and, well, messy doesn’t sound too Eldar to me really:) I can’t make up my mind on the very clean painting of the yellow. I can’t decide if I love it, unlike it, or am plain jealous since I find it hard to paint good yellow. Maybe it is the strong bright yellow that plays with my head. How close is the pictures to reality in color fidelity? (ok, I never ever thought I’d ask that question ever in my life!)

    What’s the deal with the smudgy color on the white weapon? Wear and tear? Just found that it stuck out a bit from the rest of the model. I look forward to seeing the final one, hopefully in more angles too:) It already looks really nice.

    • 2 Rkik July 20, 2009 at 8:23 am


      The yellow in the picture is a bit brighter than it real life. It’s also not quite as clean. I have a tough time doing clean yellows as well and about the only “trick” I have is that priming in white makes things a lot easier. I prefer to prime in black, but I have come to accept that if I want good yellow parts, then I need to prime with white.

      As for the “smudgy” missile launcher, I was trying a different technique with a blue wash. My missile launchers on other things have been done with a white base with a blend of light blue towards the tip. I was trying to do the same here, but the wash didn’t work nearly as well, so that needs to be fixed.

  2. 3 John July 20, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    I prime my Imperial Fists with black. I dare say that they look nowhere near the quality of your Wraithlord though:) But what I do is paint a few layers of Iyanden Darksun which covers fantastically. At this point I don’t have any black showing through and it looks very nice and smooth. Then the fecal matter hits the air mover. It’s hard to get that golden yellow on evenly and it quickly gets frustrating with many layers and such. I’ve read many a times that one should thin down the paint, but it’s hard when a yellow that is already quite “runny”. Oddly enough I’ve found that using a paint thinner helps. I put some of it in my palette and dip the brush directly into the paint, and then a little thinner and smear and then paint. Works far better than water 🙂 I hope I can master that technique in a while.

    Tried painting the missile launcher boltgun metal and then a heavy wash of Thrakka green? Maybe a blue wash instead can work. GW does it in one of their tutorials online and I’ve found that it’s easy and gives kind of a nifty effect. Worth checking out:)

  3. 4 Rkik July 20, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Yeah, the black, then Darksun, then Golden is the route I took with this guy since I had already primed him in black. It takes a lot of coats, but it can work. One thing I’ve learned with yellow and white, is that you really just need to thin it down (I’ve used a tiny bit of liquid soap to make things flow a bit smoother) and then don’t overwork it. Just put on a single thin coat and don’t go over that section again until it is completely dry. If you brush it too much, then it starts to get chunky and the brush strokes show up a lot.

    As for the Missile Launcher, I had the same idea as you actually. I ended up doing it with Mithril Silver and giving it a wash of blue. The I went back for some light highlights.

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