Eldar vs Ultramarines

Ryan and I played another game today with our 2000pt armies.  This will be a fairly short report, as the game itself was quite short.

Farseer – Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Jetbike
6 Warlocks – Jetbikes, 1 Embolden, 1 Enhance, 4 Destructor
10 Dire Avengers – Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Catapults
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon
6 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Star Engines
10 Howling Banshees – Exarch, Executioner, Acrobatics
Wave Serpent – Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Star Engines
3 Guardian Jetbikes – Shuriken Cannon
10 Guardian Defenders – Scatter Laser
Warlock – Singing Spear, Embolden
Wraithlord – Bright Lance, EML
Wraithlord – Bright Lance, EML
3 War Walkers – Scatter Lasers

3 Tactical squad, 2 with Heavy Bolters and Power Fists, 1 with Multi-melta
Sniper Scout Squad with Tellion
2 Razorbacks with Lascannons
2 Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters
2 Predators with Lascannons and side Heavy Bolters
3 Landspeeders, with Multi-melta and Heavy Flamer
2 Landspeeders, one with Multi-melta, the other with Multi-melta and Flamer
5 Terminators with Power Fists and Storm Bolters
Marine Captain

We rolled for the game and got Seize Ground with Pitched Battle deployment.  There were 4 loot counters, with three on the right side and one in the open on the left.  Ryan won the roll and decided to go second.

In deployment, I placed my Serpents to my left with the Dragons and Banshees in front.  The Council was placed in the center, and the rest was to my right near a hill.  The jetbikes were placed in reserve.  Ryan split his marines into combat squads and deployed in the Razorback (one squad was next to the Scouts’ Razorback).  The tanks were placed in a line along the center of his side, with the Scouts and remaining members of the combat squads hidden behind the Predators and a hill.  The Landspeeders and Terminators would deepstrike.


Ryan did not steal the initiative, and on my turn I rushed the Council and the Serpents forward.  Using the Star Engines, I parked two of my Serpent right at the end of his tank line.  The Council moved into the center.  The only action in shooting was the War Walkers taking out two of the scouts.  Ryan did not move anything other than moving one combat squad into the empty Razorback.  He also did very little in shooting as well, only killing one of the Warlocks.


Turn 2 is where things went very badly for Ryan.  My Wraithlords managed to do very well and each destroyed a Predator.  The Fire Dragons and Banshees disembarked and the Dragons melted the Razorback at the end, killing 3 of the Marines inside and only one of the Dragons in the resulting explosion.  The Council moved forwards, and threatened the tanks.  In assault, the Banshees attacked the remaining Marines, but only killed one.  The Council jumped the tanks and managed to get into contact with 3 of them.  Since the tanks hadn’t moved the turn previous, the Council hit automatically and with Strength 9 Witchblades against armor of 10, the Council made short work of all three tanks.


At this point, Ryan felt like the game was pretty much over.  We finished out the turn, but with rapid fire from the marines only killing 2 more Warlocks, we decided to call the game at that point.

Eldar Victory!

I felt kind of bad at the end of this one.  It was pretty lopsided.  We discussed some tactics, and things I would have done differently, so we’ll see how things go next time.



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