Quick Battle Report

I managed to get a game in against my friend Nick’s Eldar yesterday, and it was quite obvious that I was a bit rusty.  This will just be a quick report, since I didn’t take any notes, and my son managed to damage my camera, so I don’t have any pictures.

We were playing 1500 points with a modified Seize Ground mission with 6 objectives.  At the start of turns 2, 4 and 6 we rolled the dice and the corresponding objective was then made “active”.  Only the active objectives counted.  I ran with 2 Wraithlords, a Falcon with 5 Harlequins and a Farseer, 2 Wave Serpents with 10 Dire Avengers and 6 Jetbikes.  Nick was running 2 Fire Prisms, 2 Wave Serpents with 5 Avengers in each, 3 Vypers, 3 War Walkers, a squad of Guardians and a squad of Swooping Hawks.

Things started off wrong when we rolled to see who would go first, I won, and then decided to go first.  I don’t know why I did that, but oh well.  We both setup across from each other and the game was on.

My first turn consisted of my removing the weapon from one of the Fire Prisms and immobilizing a Wave Serpent.  Nick immobilized my Falcon and a Wave Serpent (I forgot to roll for a save on the Serpent).  From there it was just a shootfest.  The Harlequins tried to get out and run, but they were cut down by the Vypers.  My Serpents took out the Guardians, while Nick’s Walkers shot up my Wraithlords.  Towards the end of the game, Nick managed to down my still mobile Serpent and that forced my Avengers out.  They didn’t survive the turn and were shot up by Nicks Vypers,  and Avengers.

The end of the game came down to which object would count, since I was close enough to cap 2 and Nick had 2 in range.  The dice came up and it was one of Nick’s that became active.  I did manage to down his Serpent, but I completely forgot to move my Dire Avengers out of the immobile Serpent, so I couldn’t take out Dire Avengers that popped out.

In the end Nick was able to get just close enough to capture two objectives, and I had none.  It was a close game, but I made a lot of mistakes that could have turned the game in my favor.  A fun time was had by all, and it was nice to get a game in again.


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