Tournament Prep

As an early Christmas present I was able to get a Wave Serpent, a squad of Fire Dragons and dome bitz to make a squad of Storm Guardians.  All of this will be used in a 2500pt tournament this weekend.  I’ve got the basic parts assembled, and right now I only have the magnetizing of the Wave Serpent weaponry to finish.  I will try to get pictures of the Storm Guardian conversions up in the next few days.

I also managed to play a game with Ryan last weekend.  I don’t have any pictures or a full batrep, but it was nice to play a game.  The real highlight of the game was my Howling Banshees taking out a 5-man Terminator squad on the turn and then running across the board and helping to take out a Tactical squad and a Scout squad.  The Storm Guardians also managed to dish out a lot of damage with their flamers.

That’s the state of things around here at the moment.  I’m still not painting as often, but I’m slowly getting back into things.


Last Three Plays:


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