2500 Point Tournament Report

The 2500 point tournament this last weekend went well.  Sadly my friend Nick and I were the only two players for the 40k side of thing.  There were 7 players for the Fantasy RTT that was held at the same time.  The decision was made that Nick and I would play three rounds against each other following the tournament scenarios and the point leader in the end would win it all.  The exact details of the games are a little fuzzy since I ended up not taking very good notes, but I did get some pictures.

My List:
Farseer – Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Jetbike
6 Warlocks, Jetbikes, Embolden, Enhance, 4 Destructor

Farseer – Guide

5 Dire Avengers

10 Storm Guardians – 2 Flamers
Warlock – Destructor, Singing Spear
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

6 Guardian Jetbikes – 2 Shuriken Cannons

6 Rangers

6 Fire Dragons – Exarch, Dragon Breath Flamer
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

6 Fire Dragons – Exarch, Dragon Breath Flamer
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

10 Howling Banshees – Exarch, Executioner, Acrobatics
Wave Serpent – Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Spirit Stones

Falcon – Scatter Laser, Suriken Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones, Star Engines

Wraithlord – Eldar Missile Launcher, Bright Lance, Flamers

Wraithlord – Eldar Missile Launcher, Bright Lance, Flamers

Nick’s Eldar:
Farseer with Guide, Fortune, Spirit Stones, and Spear
5 Wraithguard, Warlock with Conceal and Spear
Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm
Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones

10 Storm Guardians, 2 Flamers, Warlock with Enhance
Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones

Autarch with Power Weapon, Fusion Gun and Mandiblasters on Jetbike
3 Shining Spears, Exarch with Star Lance

10 Guardians with EML and Warlock with Embolden

6 Swooping Hawks, Exarch with Intercept and Sunrifle

3 Vypers with EML, Shuriken Cannon and Star Engines

2 Fire Prisms with Holo-fields and Spirit Stones

3 War Walkers with Star Cannons

5 Pathfinders

The first round was Annihilation with Dawn of War deployment.  There was modification of Nightfighting being in effect for the first two turns.  I won the roll off and decided to go second.  Nick deployed his Rangers on a hillside and his Guardians in some trees in the center of his side.  I deployed nothing (in retrospect I should have deployed my Rangers into some cover).  The Rangers died to the Swooping Hawks on the second turn after Nick deepstriked thinking that they could assault.  They got flamed by the Wraithlords and then ended up getting killed by Fire Dragons.  My Seer Council assaulted the Wave Serpent carrying the Dire Avengers and then finished the Avengers with Destructor templates on the next turn.  I lost two Serpents to Vypers and Wraithguard, while my Banshees assaulted the Shining Spears and wiped them out.  My last point was my Storm Guardians taking out Nick’s Guardian defenders.
Final score – Me: 5 Nick: 4

The second game was Seize Ground with 4 points and Spearhead deployment.  There was also a special rule in effect that forced all reserves to use the Outflank rules and any time a unit deepstriked a die was rolled and on 1-3 they rolled on the mishap table.  One object was placed on the right side of the board near some trees, while the other three were placed in a triangle on the left.  Again I won the roll and elected to pass the first turn.  I don’t really recall the specifics of this game, but it ended up with my Avengers and Storm Guardians holding two points while another was contested and the last one clear.
Final: Me – 2, Nick – 0

The final game would be Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment.  The twist was that the objective needed to be placed in the table quarter opposite of the one your deployed in, and there was a river running down the middle of the table that counted as difficult terrain for everything that walked.  Before the game we checked the scores and if Nick managed to take both points, then he would manage to tie me.  Yet again I won the roll and passed the turn.  We deployed everything with the exception of the Walkers, Hawks and my Jetbikes.  Nick’s first turn was pretty uneventful as he managed to miss most everything and just put a few wounds on one of the Wraithlords.  On my turn, the Fire Dragons zipped across the board towards Nick’s objectives.  My Falcon fired on Nick’s Serpent with the Storm Guardians and immobilized it.  Nick’s luck never really managed to improve and my Fire Dragons wiped out the Guardians and Pathfinders guarding his point, and then took out most of the Walkers.  My Wraithlord attempted to assault Nick’s Wraithguard, but managed to do a lot of nothing for a couple turns before the Farseer finally killed it.  At the end of the game, there was a showdown between my remaining Fire Dragon Exarch and Nick’s Swooping Hawk Exarch.  They dueled valiantly for a turn, but in the end my Exarch won.
Final – Me: 1, Nick: 0

So in the end I had managed to win all three games.  The first two games were pretty close, while the last was a bit lopsided.  Winning the roll off and going second every game certainly worked in my favor.  There were a few mistakes made, but overall the games were well played and a lot of fun.  It would have been nice to have some more opponents, but it was a good time.


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