1600 Point Tourament Report from Feb 27, 2010

I played in a local 1600pt Warhammer 40k tournament this last weekend using my Eldar.  The turnout was pretty good overall with 7 players for 40k and another 7 for Warhammer Fantasy.  It was kind of disappointing that we had an odd number, but I know that some of the Fantasy players plan to bring both Fantasy and 40k armies next time in case a similar situation arises.

Even though it was a smaller point tournament I ended up bringing a list with my Seer Council, which helped me greatly.  Though not in the way you’d likely expect.

My List:

Seer Council
– Farseer with Doom, Fortune, Runes of Witnessing, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Jetbike
– 3 Warlocks with Jetbikes and Destructor
– 1 Warlock with Jetbike and Embolden
– 1 Warlock with Jetbike and Enhance
– 1 Warlock with Jetbike

2 sets of 5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents with Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon and Twin Linked Missile Launcher

2 sets of 6 Fire Dragons in Wave Serpents with Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon and Twin Linked Scatter Lasers

2 Fire Prisms

My strategy was to play very aggressive with the Council and the Fire Dragons, while the Fire Prisms and Dire Avengers stayed back and shot at things.

In the first round, I ended up getting the bye round, so I actually spent the majority of the round assembling some Tau stuff that I had bought that day.

Second round I was paired up against my friend Ryan (always seems to happen, we drive 90 minutes to play other people and end up playing each other).  The game was Seize Ground with 4 objectives and Spearhead deployment.  Ryan won the roll and decided to go first.  He combat squaded his troops and stuck the groups of 5 with Rocket Launchers on a hill near two of the objectives.  The rest were placed in Razorback tanks.  He also had a Devastator squad with 4 rocket launchers on the hill, along with 2 Predators, 2 Dreadnoughts and 3 Land Speeders.  I deployed my Council as far forward as possible, with my Dragons just behind them.  My Avengers and Prisms sat as far back in my corner as possible.

From the first turn I knew things were going to be tough.  Ryan managed to immobilize one of my Avenger Serpents and one of my Dragon Serpents.  Luckily they were still positioned so they could fire, but they weren’t going anywhere.  He also managed to kill one of the Warlocks in my Council.  On my turn, the Council Fortuned up and zoomed forward but were out of range for anything.  My Prisms combined fire, but only succeeded in taking out 2 Marines, while my immobilized Avenger’s Serpent shook one of the Land Speeders.  The other two Serpents moved to get cover saves.

Turn two, didn’t really see an improvement for me.  The Land Speeders were able to destroy my still mobile Fire Dragon Serpent due to my inability to roll cover saves.  One of my Prisms got Stunned, and I lost another member of the Seer Council.  The three Dragons that survived the destruction of their vehicle were able to destroy 2 of the Speeders and take the Flamer off the third.  My Seer Council smashed into two of Ryan’s Razorbacks and demolished them.  I was able to destroy 4 out of 5 guys in one of the Tactical squads, but the remaining Rocket Launcher wielding marine proved to be very resilient, even if he couldn’t hit anything.

The final turns ended up being relatively uneventful, though.  Ryan continued to roll well, while my rolls were less than impressive.  he managed to down every one of my tanks before they could get into position.  My Fire Dragons from the immobilized Serpent were able to kill off the remaining Speeder along with 2 Dreadnoughts before dieing to bolter fire.  The Seer Council slowly withered under fire without doing much more damage.  The final wound to the Farseer, though was caused by a failed Perils of the Warp save causing his head to pop.  On the en of turn 5, we each controlled two objectives, but the game went on to turn 6, and Ryan was able to move a Razorback in range to contest one, so I ended up losing 1 objective to 2.

At this point, I figured I was pretty much out of it, since my other friend Nick had done very well in his first game, and there were a couple others that had managed to do quite well in both games.

For game three I was put up against CT and his Chaos marines.  He was running 3 Rhinos with 7 or 8 Khorne Berzerkers, 2 Demon Princes (one Nurgle, one Khorne), a Chosen squad with Plasma guns and a Defiler.  The game was Capture and Control with Spearhead deployment.  We both placed our objectives deep in our respective corners.  CT won the roll and decided to go first.  He placed the Defiler way back on top of his objective with the Chosen nearby in front.  The Rhinos and Princes lined up in front of his deployment.  I placed my Fire Prisms and Avenger Serpents deep in my corner, and then had my Council right on the front edge.  My Dragon Serpents were place towards the middle, but hidden behind a ruined building.

CT’s first turn was pretty uneventful with just his Princes and Rhinos moving forward, but nothing really happening in Shooting.  My Avenger Serpents moved flat out for the saves, while my Council and Dragon Serpents moved forward.  One group of Dragons got out and shot the Nurgle Prince, dealing 3 wounds.  The Scatter Laser on the Serpent managed to take off it’s last wound.  My Prisms took out one of the Rhinos.

On turn two, all of the Berzerkers jumped out of their tanks, but didn’t do much other than shoot at my stuff to little effect.  The Khorne prince assaulted the Dragon Serpent that still contained Dragons, but only managed to destroy its weapon.  My Farseer doomed the Prince, but even with that the combined fire of the disembarked Fire Dragons, Scatter Lasers and Missile Launchers were only able to take 3 wounds.  The Prisms managed to take out a few Berzerkers along with the Council.

More of the same on turn three.  The Khorne Prince swooped in and made short work of the Fire Dragons, though they did put up a valiant fight.  I continued to be unable to finish off the Prince in shooting, so it finally perished when it made the mistake of assaulting my Seer Council on turn 4.  The Council was able to take out the Chosen, but then got charged by a some Zerkers and these guys along with a Greater Daemon that spawned on turn 5 were able to slowly whittle away the Council until it finally died to a sweeping advance.  My second squad of Fire Dragons took out the Defiler.  My Dire Avenger Serpents were able to get onto the two objectives and sit tight.

The game went to turn 7, though the last two turns were basically spent trying to wipe out the rest of his forces.  I was unable to do enough damage to the darn Greater Daemon to get the last few bonus points.  The game ended with me controlling both objectives.

In the end I had managed a major victory, a minor loss and a bye.  Nick had come away with two massacres.  I knew that the tournament organizer was judging the painting of Headquarter units (the Farseer in my case) and those points were included in the final score, so I figured I still had a chance to place.  When the final totals were announced, though, I ended up in first place!  My Farseer had managed to score 34 out of 40 possible points, so he ended up winning the day for me.  I was quite amazed, though I do feel bad for Nick.  He definitely outplayed me, but lost points due to a hastily painted Ork 😀

Overall it was a good day.  I could have deployed a bit better against Ryan, but luck also played a major role in my defeat there.  He played very well and it was a well deserved win for him.  The two games I played were a lot of fun, and as always things were run very smoothly.  I had a lot of fun and thanks go out to my opponents for some great games.  Pictures from the tournament will be posted once I get back home.


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