Short 1000 point Tau vs. Dark Angels Report

I played my first game with my new Tau army tonight against my friend Ryan’s new Dark Angel army.  We each brought 1000 points and duked it out in an Annihilation game with Pitched Battle deployment.

Commander with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-tracker, Hardware Drone Controller and 2 Gun Drones
2 Crisis Suits with Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi-trackers (Fireknife 1)
2 Crisis Suits with Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi-trackers (Fireknife 2)
3 Crisis Suits with twin-linked Missile Pods and Flamers (Deathrain)
2 Broadsides with Advanced Stabilization Systems; one Team Leader with Drone Controller and 2 Shield Drones
6 Fire Warriors
10 Kroot with 4 Kroot Hounds
10 Kroot
Piranha with Fusion Gun, Targeting Array and Flechette Dischargers

Dark Angels
5 Terminators with Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers, and an Assault Cannon
5 Terminators with Storm Bolters, Power Fists and an Assault Cannon
Land Raider
Dreadnaught with Assault Cannon

I won the roll and decided to go first.  I placed all of my Crisis Suits in the middle of my deployment zone with the Piranha behind them.  The Fire Warriors and Broadsides deployed behind a tall hill to my left.  Ryan deployed the Land Raider with assault Terminators and Dreadnought directly across the table from me and the other squad of Terminators would Deep Strike.  My Kroot then infiltrated with the large squad spread out in front of my Crisis Suits, and the other squad surrounding my Broadsides.

On the first turn, my Piranha sped forward and parked in front of the Land Raider.  The large Kroot squad moved forward into some trees, and the Crisis Suits moved up and opened fire on the Dreadnought managing to immobilize it.  The Broadsides managed to make it halfway up the hill and fired on the Land Raider, but failed to connect.  On Ryan’s turn, the deepstriking squad of terminators landed behind my lines, but failed to damage anything with shooting.  The Land Raider and Dreadnought fired on the Piranha, managing to damage the weapons system.

On turn two, the Piranha retreated back to my lines.  The Fireknife squads reversed and fired on the shooty terminator squad, killing two.  The Deathrains only managed to shake the Dreadnought and the Broadsides stunned the Land Raider.  Due to the Power of the Machine Spirit, the Raider was still able to zoom forward and the assault terminators smashed into my Kroot.  The hounds proved their worth and managed to do 4 wounds and the terminators rolled three 1’s and thus perishing.  The luck did not persist for the Kroot, though, and 10 of them died to the Terminators and they promptly turned tail and ran.

On the next turn, my Crisis Suits finished off the shooty terminators and with the help of the Broadsides, reduced the other squad to just Belial.  The rest of the game was just clean-up.  Belial perished on turn 4, while the Raider and the Dreadnought fell on turn 5.

At the end of the game, the Dark Angels had been completely wiped out with only the loss of a single squad of Kroot for the Tau.

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