1000pt Tau vs. Blood Angels

I played a short game against JJ’s Blood Angels tonight.  Sadly I didn’t get any pictures.

Blood Angels:
5 Death Company with Jetpacks
7 Assault Marines
Sanguinary Priest
Death Company Dreadnaught

10 Kroot
6 Fire Warriors
Devilfish with Disruption Pods
Commander Shas’el with Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle and Multi-tracker
2 squads of 3 Crisis Suits with Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle and Multi-tracker
Broadside with Targeting Array
Hammerhead with Dispuption Pods, SMS and Multi-tracker
Piranha with Targeting Array and Fusion Gun

We played Sieze Ground with 5 objectives and Pitched Battle.  JJ won the roll and passed me the first turn.  I placed my Kroot in some trees in the middle of my side with my suits and Piranha behind them.  The Hammerhead was on a hill to my right, while the Broadside was on the left.  My Devilfish with the Fire Warriors were in reserve.  JJ deployed the Stormraven behind a hill with the Dreadnaught and Death Company inside.  The Assault Squad and Priest were in reserve.

First turn I managed to immobilize the Stormraven, but that was it.  JJ moved the Death Company and Dread up towards my center.

On the second turn, I was able to wreck the Dreadnaught with the Piranha and kill off two of the Death Company.  They got close enough and took out my Kroot in assault.  The Stormraven killed the Piranha.

Turn three saw my Devilfish come onto the table in my right corner.  I fired more at the Death Company whittling them down to just 2 plus the Sanguinor, but that didn’t matter.

For the rest of the game, I couldn’t keep away from him and he managed to take out the Crisis Suits and my Devilfish before my Fire Warriors finally killed him.  My Broadside shot terribly, either missing completely, or hitting and then failing to wound him.  The game ended with JJ’s Assault Squad holding one objective, while my Fire Warriors were stranded too far away from their objective.


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