500 Point Seize Ground

Ryan and I played another 500 point game tonight.  I was playing the same Eldar as last time (3 squads of 2 Walkers with Shuriken Cannons and 2 squads of Jetbikes one with a Destructor Warlock and the other with an Embolden Warlock), and Ryan was playing Space Marines.  His army had 5 Devastators with 4 Missile Launchers, a 10 man Tactical squad with a Rocket Launcher, a 5 man Tactical squad and 2 Razorbacks with Heavy Bolters.

The mission was 4 objectives with a Spearhead deployment.  I won the roll and passed the turn to Ryan.  He deployed his two Razorbacks towards the center, with his Devastators in the back and one Combat Squad of marines in some trees.  I deployed one squad of Walkers forward behind some trees with my Jetbikes behind them and my other 4 Walkers in my corner on a hill (which was a mistake).  I then proceeded to seize the initiative and took the first turn.

The actually game went pretty quickly, and was relatively uneventful.  My forward Walkers were able to wreck both Razorbacks in the first two turn, while the rear Walkers needed two turns to get into range of anything.  From that point on, Ryan was having a tough time shooting anything other than my Jetbikes, which I had pushed forward very aggressively.  After turn 2, though, Ryan stopped failing saves.  From turns 2 through 6, I must have shot nearly 75 times and wounded close to 30 Marines, but only 4 ended up dieing.  Ryan had at least 1 Marine from every squad alive at the end of the game, while my Jetbikes had been dead from the end of turn 4.

My only hope was to contest with my Walkers, but on turn 6 Ryan was able to take one of the contesting Walkers out with Missile Launcher fire and won the game 1 objective to 0.

It was a good game, but I really need to learn to deploy my Walkers better.  They need to be in range on turn 1 otherwise they just are not as useful.  And while my Jetbikes do have Warlocks, they are not good in Combat.  About all I can hope for is to clean up 1-2 Marines, but even then it’s not guaranteed.

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  1. 1 s00nertp September 25, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    It is nice to see so many combat patrol games. Our local group is also playing them (at 400pts), and the Eldar player basically uses the same force.

    I’ve been playing Chaos and have been getting wiped up though. My Plague marines are the only way of surviving..


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