Eldar vs. Orks – 500 points

A couple weekends ago I played against my friend Nick’s Ork army in order to prepare for the tournament that took place last weekend (report for that is forthcoming).  It was fun and he tried out a couple different lists, while I used my Eldar Scout Force.

In the first game the objective was to have a scoring unit in the opponent’s deployment zone at the end of the game while also scoring killpoints.  Nicks army consisted of 10 Boyz in a Truk, 3 Nob Bikers, 13 Boyz on foot and 5 Lootaz.  The Bikers died quickly to Walker fire, with the foot boyz going shortly after.  The Lootas got eaten by my bikers, and the boyz in the Truk held in reserve for a while, but then got shot up once they came in.

In the second game there were 4 objective markers that we were trying to secure.  This time Nick too a crazy army consisting of two squads of 30 Boyz and 2 Rockit Buggies.  There were a ton of Orks on the field, but even with them getting cover saves I was able to keep shooting and eventually wiped the green menace off the face of the table.

In the end Nick decided to go with an army similar to his second army for the tournament.  We figured that most people would not be able to deal with that many bodies on the table.  My army was an exception just because of the huge amount of shooting that it was able to do.


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