Malifaux: Lilith vs. Sonia Criid

Tonight I played another game of Malifaux against my friend Ryan.  He had brought his Nephilim led by Lilith, and I was running my new Sonia Criid crew.

His crew consisted of Lilith, a Cherub, 3 Terror Tots, 2 Young Nephilim and a Mature Nephilim.  I had Sonia, Samael, 3 Witchling Stalkers, 2 Guild Guard and a Guild Austringer.  We flipped for our strategies using the new ones out of Rising Powers and ended up with a shared Supply Wagon strategy.  Neither of us picked any schemes.  In the end the strategy didn’t come into play at all, because we only managed to play 3 turns as time was limited.

It was a good game overall, though my crew was definitely not well suited to face the Neverborn.  Between the flying Nephilim ignoring the best of the Guild Guards’ abilities and the fact that none of Nephilim really cast spells meant that a lot of my best powers were wasted.  Highlights of the game were when my Witchling Stalker managed to flip both the Red and Black Jokers for damage against the Mature Nephilim on the second turn.  Then on the turn three I managed to actually get some luck and destroyed the Mature Nephilim, a Young Nephilim and a Terror Tot all with a well placed Flame Burst.  The Nephilim managed to destroy 2 of my Witchlings and nearly kill off a Guild Guard.  In the end, neither of our wagons had made it close to the center, and neither of us had damaged either of the wagons.


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