Weekend Gaming: Dominion

Nothing new on the table this weekend.  Instead, we stuck to some old favorites that get a lot of play.

We had 6 people initially and were waiting on a 7th, so we started the night off with a game of Dominion.  I own the original and the Intrigue and Prosperity expansions, so I just randomized the card selection from all three.  Nothing really interesting from that, as the card selection wasn’t too exciting.

Once we had all 7, it was tough to decide what game to play next.  We have a lot of 5 and 6 player games in the group, but few work with more than that, and we weren’t really motivated to split the group.  So Louis sat out and we played a game of Acquire.  This game ended up a lot closer than I expected.  The game was close between Ryan, Joe and I.  I held a position on one of the smaller companies, and Ryan held the majority of the largest company.  Joe was always a factor in almost every other company.  Luckily because of some early mergers and some good blocking, I was able to pull a majority out of the last few companies on the board, and got a pretty significant payout at the end, while Ryan only held the one company.  I ended up squeaking out a win by about $3000, much to my surprise.

After that, Ryan sat out while we played a couple more games of Dominion.  The first two were played using the “The Good Life” setup from the Prosperity set.  We played two games back to back with that setup because about halfway through, a couple of the combos with the Counting House became clear to us and we wanted to try them out.

For the last game, Phil wanted to use all of the cards that could possibly give Curses.  So we had the Witch, Swindler, Torturer, and Mountebank.  Then to round out the set we had the Great Hall, Harem, Trade Route, City, Masquerade, and the King’s Court.  Trade Routes were pretty popular, since they were one of the ways to get rid of curses.  Masquerades were less so, but did get some play.  Lots of Swindlers and Witches were played.  I ended up not taking any of the attacks, and just focused on Trade Routes, Cities and Harems.  With that many people and Swindlers, the Ctities got very powerful very quickly.  I was able to use my Trade Routes to dump my Copper and Curses.  My Cities let me do that multiple times, so twice I was able to play two Trade Routes on a turn and buy Colonies.  At the end I had 29 points, Joe had 25, and the others had between 1-10 because of all the curses flying around.

It was a good weekend of gaming and it was nice to just play some old favorites again.

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  1. 1 Von February 15, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    I love Dominion. Actually love it. The sheer replayability of the thing, borne from simple changes of available card sets and the vast variety of combinations present even in the core game, makes it a stand-out choice.

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