Weekend Gaming: A Horse With No Name

Another weekend, another Saturday night of games.

This time we had a smaller group with just Louis, Kevin, Phil, my wife and I.  Phil was a little late showing up, so we started the night off with a game of Dominion.  The game became a Curse-fest, due to there being no way to get rid of the curses.  So the win went to my wife who had 19 points, the rest of us ranging from 4 to 14 points.  The cards available were the Courtyard, Swindler, Wishing Well, Scout, Bureaucrat, Bridge, Mountebank, Mine, Mint, and Kings Court.  Had the Bureaucrat been replaced with a more defensive card, I think the set would have had a lot more options.

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The second game we played was Through the Desert, also known as “The Camel Game”.  It was an interesting setup with all of the Oases grouped up toward the top of the board.  The game ended up being pretty close.  Each largest caravan reward went to a different player, and the difference maker was the sectioned off zones.  Kevin managed to finish the game with 61 points, just two more than me.

Image used from Board Game Geeks

Because we were missing a few people that dislike the it, I saw an opportunity to play some Munchkin.  The game started out pretty brutal, with every fight getting interfered with somehow.  Everyone was pretty much stuck at about level 2-3.  Then I broke away, when I used my Bardic powers to force Phil to help me in a fight against a pretty nasty monster.  Louis added another monster to the mix, and since Phil didn’t want to die, he helped a bit more and we won the fight.  This garnered me 8 pieces of treasures and a couple levels, and I never really looked back.  Louis and Kevin fought valiantly and got to level 9, but I had switched to a Cleric, and used his resurrection powers to fight discarded low level monsters to snag the win.

Image used from Board Game Geeks

The night ended with a couple crazy games of Monty Python Fluxx.  As is common for this game, there was plenty of singing, silliness and just randomness.  Though even with all the randomness, Kevin managed to win both games.


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