Weekend Gaming: All Aboard!

This weekend was pretty packed full of gaming.  It started out Friday night with a couple games of Dominion.  The sets weren’t anything terribly exciting, though.  The first was definitely the worst as there wasn’t really any synergy between the cards.  I couldn’t get things going and lost badly.  The second game was a bit more interesting, with a Throne Room and a Laboratory for extra actions and a Mint for money.  My wife and I both grabbed those up, and in the end I managed to win with 102 points to her 92.

Railways of the World

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On Saturday night, Joe, Ryan, Phil, Kevin, Jaime, my wife and I all got together and played a game of Railways of the World (we played the Railways of Eastern US map).  I started the game by taking way too much debt to get the first turn and the Railway Executive card (it gives 2 actions on the round instead of just one, which can have a big impact on the first turn).  I was able to make a quick connection to get the first delivery to Duluth and some extra points, but it was downhill from there.  I was trying to get the train with the most consecutive links, I stayed in the Midwest.   Because of that I was paying way too much for my links and taking too much debt.  Ryan was doing a good job of staying in the lead making a lot of shipments on the East coast.  That all turned, though, when I decided to go nuts and build a Western Link into Des Moines.  At that point I shipped a ton of stuff into Chicago and this allowed Kevin to make a lot of points with his Hotel and with shipments out of Chicago.  In the end I lost a bunch of points from my $150,000 debt, and Kevin was able to take the game.

We don’t normally play games on Sunday, but Joe wanted to play another round of Railways.  So he, Ryan and Kevin came over for another match.  This time I decided to take as little debt as possible (I didn’t have the bonus card, though).  My first turn was a little rough because I couldn’t decide how I wanted to proceed, but I ended up grabbing a couple Government Land Grants (for free track) and started building along the southern East Coast.  I was able to monopolize that area and there were a bunch of cubes I could deliver once I got my train upgraded.  My wife had taken the northern routes through Canada and was shipping quite a bit.  Kevin and Ryan were battling it out in the middle of the board, and Joe was trying to connect Chicago to New York and took a ton of debt in the process.  In the end I was able to complete my bonus goal (most upgraded train) and had a few big shipments to put me over the top.  Combined with my lack of debt, I was able to edge out my wife for the close win.  Joe managed to take last, overshadowing my Saturday performance with a whopping $250,000 in debt.

Happy Gaming!



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