Weekend Gaming: Snow Days

This last week has been pretty slow in the gaming department.  I did do some work on my Space Wolves, but no significant updates.  I’ve been working on coming up with a list I want to play for “Ard Boys so I can get the remaining pieces that I need.

As for board games, with our area getting hit with a nasty storm, and a bunch of our friends out of town for various reasons, it was just my wife and I.  We played a game and a half of Railways of the Eastern US on Friday night.  We had never played Eastern US with just 2 people, so it was an interesting experience.  The board is huge, so we had plenty of space to spread out.  I was able to get off to a quick lead with some good bonuses, like first delivery, first to delivery 4 goods and a few service bounties.  After that, though, it went downhill.  I have a tendency to think about the short term goals and I didn’t really plan my routes very well for late game success.  So while I was trying to build new connections for things to ship, my wife was constantly shipping goods for lots of points.  It was a pretty close game, but in the end I slowed down too much and wasn’t able to take it.

We only managed to get a few turns into the second game before we realized that we were both going for similar end game strategies.  It was a bit rough, because I had stolen a bunch of areas that my wife had planned to use and she would have had to basically start from scratch to get back into the game.

Image used from Board Game Geek

After that we played a quick game of Thurn and Taxis.  My wife was able to pretty solidly capture the center of the board and racked up a good number of points with some long routes.  I took the strategy of building a lot of smaller routes to make connections and used the Cartwright to speed the game along.  In the end I was able to get big points from having service in every area along with a few of the smaller areas.  That along with my expanded carriage was enough to get me with win by two points.

On Saturday, we played another round of Railways of the Eastern US.  This game turned out to be amazingly close.  I was going for most total links, while my wife was going for most connected cities.  This proved interesting because every time either of us built a link, the other would have to counter to stay ahead.  We decided not to reduce the number of goods in each city like the rules recommend for a two-player game, and this made things even crazier.  The game went on for a long time, especially with both of us building a lot.  I ended up connection Charleston to Kansas City to New York City for bonus points and all with only four bonds.  In this game, it was the bonus points that gave me the win, because again I only had 3-4 point shipments while my wife was regularly shipping for 5-6.  At the end we had both looped the scoring track and I had eeked out one more point than her for the win.

Happy gaming!



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