Weekend Update: St. Patty’s Day

With the St. Patrick’s Day festivities going on here in town, we had some friends pay us a visit for the weekend.  It was pretty crazy, and many games were played.

We started off Friday night with a game of Forbidden Island.  We played on the easiest difficulty, since it was only my second time playing it, and nobody else had played it.  We were easily able to grab all four treasures and get off the island before the water rose too high.  We’ll definitely bump up the difficulty next time.

That was followed by a quick game of Dominion, that was pretty unmemorable.

Saturday held the majority of the festivities in town, but we had pretty much decided to stay home.  The wives all got together at Phil’s house, so Joe came over and he, Nick, and I played through a game of Railways of the World.  I got pretty lucky with the way the bonus points were showing up, and I was able to get a couple service bounties and major lines without leaving my area on the lower east coast.  I was able to pull out to a good lead early, and held it while Nick was making his way from the upper east coast to the Midwest and Joe spent his time completely in the Midwest.  In the end, none of us had racked up a ton of debt, and I was able to hold on for a sizable win.

Image used from Board Game Geek

We then played a game of Puerto Rico.  I hadn’t played in quite a while, and I had never played with only three people, so it was a different experience.  I was trying to make use of my usual trading/building strategy, but Joe was able to get a much more balanced game going.  At the end, I was able to pull back into the game, but I was still a point short of Joe.

After dinner, we traded Joe away to get the wives back.  The four of us started the evening battling the evil forces in Castle Ravenloft.   We took on the Dracolich with a team consisting of a Cleric (me), a Rogue (Laura), a Warrior (my wife) and a Wizard (Nick).  It looked pretty hairy early on, when I hit a streak of bad luck on encounters and was forced to use a healing surge.  We did find the Dracolich, though, and after a few turns of struggling to get things under control, we managed to get a rhythm going and took him down.  It was a pretty epic fight.

After that, we played another game of Puerto Rico.  This time I took on the strategy of shipping tons of stuff.  I was able to produce a bunch of corn, and I had no competition for boats.  I was easily able to rack up a bunch of points early and take the win.

We finished out the night with a couple games of Dominion.  The first game had a bunch of cards for extra buys and special victory cards.  I ended up going with Mints and Harems and getting quite a few points that way.  My wife was pulling in cash pretty easily too, but my Harems were just too much in the end.  The second game had a ton of extra actions, but card draw was limited to a Witch.  I was able to get a little going, but never a smooth progression.  I ended the game with 18 points, while my wife had 25.  Nick hadn’t been able to get anything rolling and was stuck with only 3 points.

Overall, it was a great weekend full of games, both new and old.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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