Weekend Gaming: Framed!

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Louis, Kevin and Ryan joined Gina and I on Friday night for a few board games.  First up was Shogun.  It was my wife’s first time playing, and only my second time.  I ended up with a good hold in the center of the board with a couple provinces on the left.  Gina was spread out a bit, but with the largest presence in the middle-left.  Louis and Kevin controlled the right side, while Ryan had the bottom-left.  The game was pretty close up until the end.  I hadn’t made any major mistakes, but I had left myself a little weak in the center and on the last round everyone decided to take a piece of me.  Louis had the upper right well fortified, so I was the easiest target in a lot of cases.  That cost me quite a few points, and Louis ended up winning easily as he had little to no competition in his region.  Ryan pulled into second, followed by myself, Kevin and Gina.

Image used from Board Game Geeks

After that, we opted for a short game of Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers.  It was another close game, but Kevin managed to jump into a big lead when Gina handed him a bunch of points for a difficult to finish forest in return for a special tile.  Kevin never looked back, and while we were able to close the gap a little, it wasn’t enough.

Saturday we celebrated a friend’s birthday by going bowling.  It was a great time, and my son’s first time bowling.  He had a blast, and even managed to beat me one round (with some help from his mom and the bumpers).  I can definitely say that being good at Wii Bowling does nothing for your score in the real thing 😀

Overall it was a wonderful weekend, and a great end to a relaxing week of vacation.  Speaking of the week, I did get to play two games of Warhammer 40k against Nick on Thursday, and I will have a report of those game up later this week.

Happy Gaming!


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