Weekend Gaming: Late Arrival

Sorry for the late edition of this week’s edition of Weekend Gaming.  I completely forgot about it until just now.

This last weekend we celebrated my wife’s birthday.  Joe, Jaime, Kevin and Louis all joined us on Saturday for a barbeque (I love that it’s finally getting nice enough to fire up the grill again) and some games.  My son played some Tastes Like Chicken with us before he had to go to bed.  Then we broke out the Railways of the World.

Joe got out to an early lead grabbing a Raleigh service bounty and the Atlanta to Richmond line.  The only thing keeping him in check was the large amount of debt he took to do it.  I was doing alright around Chicago, but I was running out of goods to ship.  Completing a Western Link and the major line from Minneapolis to New Orleans got me enough points to get into third.  Kevin was able to take the center of the board and had a decent number of bonuses from major lines that allowed him to overtake Joe and finish the game in the lead by one point.

Phil joined us after that game, and we all decided to play another round since it wasn’t too late.  This time the game started out with 5 of the 6 possible Service Bounties available.  Only two, though were easily achievable.  Joe won the first round and again grabbed the bounty for Raleigh.  Kevin grabbed the one for Mobile.  I was able to snag the Passenger Lines bonus and a Service Bounty to Jacksonville.  Then I spent a few turns messing around trying to get the Service Bounty to Toronto, and to keep Joe from getting it.  It never worked out, though and Kevin was actually the one to get the bonus.  Louis grabbed the Northeast, though, and never really let go.  He was able to quickly upgrade his train and was shipping for 5 to 6 points each time.  I ran out of things to ship and the only way I could grab points was to do another trip from Minneapolis to New Orleans.  In the end, though, I missed my Railroad Baron, and Louis held a solid lead, taking him from last place in the first game, to first in the second round.

That’s all for this week, Happy Gaming!


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