Weekend Gaming: Zombies!

Friday started off with a couple games of Dominion before everyone showed up.  Both games has a lot of Curses flying around, but strangely only one or two people were giving out the curses, so the scores did get a bit lopsided.  The second game was the worst, with Ryan getting a good combo of Laboratories and Witches to pretty consistently give out a curse each turn, while also piling up enough money for some big points.  The Joe and I were using Remodels and Forges to try and deal with the Curses, but it still ended up being pretty one sided in Ryan’s favor.  The other cards in that set were the Worker’s Village, Bureaucrat, Contraband,  Quarry, Ironworks, and Talisman.

After that, we played some Railways of the Eastern US.  Joe made a comment about halfway through the game that he could tell that people are learning the tricks, because everyone was going for bonuses.  In fact, Phil and I were the only two people that weren’t able to grab bonus points within the first few turns.  In may case it was only because I wasn’t willing to spend a ton of money to get the first turn from Ryan, and some tricky track laying by Joe.  Joe and I were fighting for the South Eastern portion, Phil, Gina and Joe had the Northeast, while Kevin and Ryan were in the center.  Eventually I was able to get something going in the Midwest, but at that point I wasn’t able to ship consistently and Joe had pulled into a decent lead with a good number of 4-5 link shipments.  Overall it was a very competitive game, and it was neat to see everyone fighting for the bonuses early without any one played jumping out to a huge lead.

Saturday was Phil’s birthday, so he held a Zombie Survivor themed party in the afternoon/evening.  It wall started out with a photo scavenger hunt through town trying to get pictures of various zombie and non-zombie things (make-shift weapons, snowman, VW Bug, a Mall, things you’d miss after the apocalypse, etc).  My team, which consisted of Gina, Ryan, Joe, Jaime and myself, managed to win the day thanks to the fact that Joe had a bunch of the items at his house, and were we made sure to get as many people in each picture for bonus points.  Then after dinner, Phil setup a zombie adventure game in his house.  Each room was a different store in a mall, and the players needed to collect various items before they could try and escape.  All the while, the zombies would randomly attack the rooms.  So we ran around in the dark with flashlights trying to avoid the zombies and get out.  I could have saved myself early, but I ended up losing a lot of items to save Gina.  My kids loved it, and it was a lot of fun for everyone involved.

In the end, it was a very crazy weekend.  Happy gaming!


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