Weekend Gaming: Hobby Time

Not much to say today.  Most everyone was out of town for various reasons, so it was a pretty quiet weekend at home for me.  Since the weather was a bit rainy, I spent most of Saturday inside working on Warhammer stuff or playing World of Warcraft.  For Warhammer, I assembled, primed and started painting a squad of Wolf Scouts and a squad of Wolf Guard.  I also ordered some more magnets so I can start assembling my Thunderwolves.  So expect some pictures of those later this week.

As far as gaming goes, my wife and I did play a couple games of Railways of the Western US on Saturday night.  In the first game, I was able to monopolize the west coast, while she took the Midwest.  With the help of a nice Sutter’s Mill providing a bunch of goods to Sacramento, I was able to quickly build my train network for some high point deliveries, giving me the win.  The second game was much closer.  I was focused on the upper-Rockies area due to my Baron requiring me to urbanize Richland and Idaho Falls.  Because of this, I was was able to get a few bonuses, but my shipping options were limited.  My wife was able to take the lower west coast and made the most of San Fransisco’s changing needs to ship everything there.  In the end, she was able to eek out a win by two points due to the shipments.

That’s all for now.  Happy gaming!


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