Weekend Gaming: Puerto Rico

Saturday night we were joined by Joe, Jaime, Louis and Kevin for some games.  We started off the night with a 5 player game of Puerto Rico.  Joe sat out so the rest of us could play.  I was going last in the seating and I managed to get off to a decent start with a round 2 Coffee Roaster.  No one else picked up coffee until the end of the game, so I was free to ship and sell it at my leisure.  Kevin picked up quite a few points from buildings and Louis had a decent shipping game going with corn and indigo, but I was able to ship 25 points worth of coffee and corn, while also buying enough building to put me into the lead.

Everyone then played Railways of the Western US.  There weren’t many bonuses available early, so I grabbed the Hotel Tuscon since there were a decent number of goods that could be shipped there.  Jaime, Joe and Gina all were fighting for the upper west coast, while Louis had the mid/lower Midwest and Kevin had the upper Midwest.  I was able to get a good number of shipments rolling in and the major line from Cheyenne to Tuscon, but Louis was making 4-5 point deliveries every turn and racking up big points.  It also didn’t help that I had taken the Baron for the most bonds, and Joe had fallen behind early, so he was taking debt like it was going out of style.

We finished the night with a couple games of Dominion.  Neither of the sets were terribly interesting.  In both games, Joe was able to get a good break at the beginning and even though he and I had similar engines, he was getting to the Provinces more reliably.  In both games he was able to win by a reasonably large margin just as my engine was coming online.  I think I need to focus on faster engines, as the ones I have been going for aren’t really suited for the shorter 4-6 player games.

That’s all for now.  Happy Gaming!



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