‘Ard Boyz Prep – Test Game vs. Dark Angels

I got a test game in against Ryan’s Dark Angels last night.  I played the Space Wolves army designed by Stelek over at Yes the Truth Hurts.  Ryan had 3 Land Raiders full of Terminators (one was an Elite), two Razorbacks with Tactical Marines, 2 Rhinos with Marines and a Land Speeder.

We were playing the second ‘Ard Boyz mission, which is Spearhead deployment with an objective in each quarter and another in the center.  I lost the roll and got stuck with the quarter with minimal terrain.

Here is a picture of the deployment (one Speeder and the Scouts were held in reserve):

I made a few annoying mistakes with my deployment.  Seeing as I was going second, I should have deployed further back and tried to get some better cover for my tanks.  Also, the Long Fangs that were out of place.  As it was, the front few tanks were wrecked, destroyed or immobilized on the first turn.  Because of this, the central Long Fangs weren’t able to get a good shot on much all game, and I wasn’t willing to move them to get a slightly better vantage.

I also rolled terribly for the first couple turns.  Trying to run the left-most Long Fangs up the central hill, I rolled a 1 and failed to climb up.  So they were stuck with a lack of targets until the third turn when Ryan’s Terminators made it to the center.

After the first turn. (The non-glowing clouds are popped smoke)

Terminators shooting at a Razorback, and failing

Start of Turn 3

Battle for the center!

Tanks survived the shooting, but not the assault

Start of turn 4

Final results in the center

The objective to my left

Right side of the table

Due to time constraints, we only finished four turns.  After failing to Tank-shock, I was able to just barely kill enough Terminators in the center with massed missile fire to make room for a squad of Grey Hunters to sneak in on a run.  My Scouts finally came in on the left and I was able to take out the Marines contesting that point.  At the end I held my point and the two points in the non-deployment zones.  Ryan held his point.  The central point was contested.

While the game started off rough, I was able to push enough stuff into the center to cause mayhem, while the rest of my army secured the other points.  That said, had the game run longer, Ryan would have likely reclaimed the central point and made the other points more difficult.  The game was a lot of fun, and it was definitely helpful to understand a bit more of how the army plays and how to handle deployment.


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