Weekend Gaming: ‘Ard Boyz and More

This weekend I visited my parents for a weekend packed full of activities.

Friday night, we all went to the final night of the Pyrotechnic Guild International (PGI) convention.  Things were a bit delayed due to some rain, but once the show got rolling it was all fireworks all night.  There were three shows and each one of them out-performed most 4th of July celebrations.  They were absolutely amazing.

On Saturday I played in the preliminary round of the Games Workshop ‘Ard Boyz tournament.  I was playing Space Wolves and I was working with only a couple hours sleep, so things got off to a rough start.  There were 11 people in attendance with two Space Marines (Vulkan and bikers), one Blood Angels, one Imperial Guard, one Tau, one Tyranids, one Eldar, two Orks, one Grey Knights and one Space Wolves (me).

The first game I played against Eldar.  He had a bit of everything, with two Wave Serpents with Fire Dragons, Guardian bikes, Dire Avengers, Warp Spiders, Dark Reapers, the Avatar, Yriel, a Wraithlord, a Vyper and a War Walker.  After winning first turn, I completely messed up my deployment.  I completely forgot about the Night Fighting and the fact that he had Dark Reapers, so my Long Fangs were deployed in the open on a hill.  His side had better area terrain and he made the most of it.  I was able to kill the Avatar first turn with missiles, but that was it.  From then it was pretty back and forth.  His Reapers, Fire Dragons and Yriel killed off my Long Fangs, while I whittled away his stuff.  Neither of us were able to kill the traitor, though.  I tried to get the Eldar traitor across the board, but his Rhino got hung up on some ruins.  As for his, I completely failed to kill either of his Wave Serpents, even though I filled them full of missiles, lascannon, and melta fire.  They spent the game ramming and tank shocking things, and cause one of my units to run off the board.  My scouts also managed to do nothing of real note.  They attacked the Eldar from the rear and hit a Dire Avenger squad, but then proceeded to take 3 rounds to kill them and ended up getting blasted away by the Dark Reapers.  At the end we had only managed 4 turns and he ended up with the minor win, with 11 KP to my 9.

Second game, on the same table against Imperial Guard.  He had 6 Leman Russ tanks, a Medusa, three Scout walkers, two squads of vets in Chimeras, Marbo, and a couple big blobs of infantry.  This game went a bit better.  My Long Fangs kept to the trees and were able to survive the brunt of the cannon fire, while the rest of my army moved up.  I was able to kill or stall his more mobile stuff, so I was able to get onto the objective early.  The highlight was a single Vet with a demolition charge blowing up a Razorback in the middle of the table, and then wrecking another when I tried to tank shock him.  He finally died to plasma gun fire from another Razorback.  I was able to claim three objectives (center, mine, and non-deployment) and contest the other two, which gave me a massacre.

The third game was against the Blood Angels, who had the Sanguinor, 2 Death Company Dreads, a Death Company in a Land Raider, a Tac squad in Land Raider, an Assault Squad in a land Raider, 3 Heavy Support Dreads and a Librarian Dread in Drop Pod.  We had a discussion with the judge beforehand, and he ruled the Night Fighting was not in effect because it wasn’t listed in the rules packet.  My opponent gave me second turn for whatever reason, and started with his DC Dreads at the center line.  He then moved them up and dropped his Librarian right in front of my edge.  On my turn, everything rolled in and two of my Speeders went to work on the DC Dreads, killing one and immobilizing the other.  My Wolf Guard blasted the Librarian and killed it.  After that, though, things didn’t go as smoothly.  The Sanguinor ate up two of my Long Fangs, and his Land Raiders were blasting apart my Razorbacks.  I just could not get a damage result to fall my way on the Dreads or the Land Raiders.  I fired every melta I had into the Raiders and either missed, couldn’t penetrate or just didn’t do any real damage.  In the end, I had finally wrecked one Land Raider and half of his Dreads were dead and the other half were damaged.  I had failed to finish the Sanguinor or any of his infantry.  I had managed to get 1300-ish VP and he got 1000-ish.  So that was only good enough for a draw.

My finally tally for the day was 44 points after a minor loss, a massacre and a draw.  That was good enough for third place and a new Finecast Njal Stormcaller.  First place went to the biker Space Marines and second went to the Eldar (if I remember correctly).  I did find out during the second game that they were only doing 2 hour games, instead of the 2 and a half that we were supposed to, so that was a bit annoying, considering the first game would have changed dramatically in a few turns.  Other than that, it was a well run tournament with some fun guys.  Now I get to plan a trip to the semifinals.

Finally, Sunday I spent all day at the airshow.  We watch the Blue Angels fly, along with a bunch of stunt pilots.  My son and daughter loved it, and it was a nice way to finish off the weekend.

Anyways, I leave you with some pictures from Saturday.  Happy gaming!


3 Responses to “Weekend Gaming: ‘Ard Boyz and More”

  1. 1 disdainandoutrage August 15, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    The TO’s ruling on Night Fighting is bogus. Night Fight is an effect of the Deployment type being used not the mission. The mission states to use Dawn of War Deployment therefore Night Fight is in effect. That TO needs to learn how the missions and deployment interact with one another. 5th ed has been around way to long for that sort of mistake to be made.

    • 2 Rkik August 15, 2011 at 2:04 pm

      While I don’t disagree, I will say that GW’s handling of the mission packet was what really made things confusing. The fact that there were standard rules left out in some games, but not in other, plus night fighting added to other missions, while no mention of it made in the dawn of war mission really confused things.

      In general the mission packet needed a lot more work to clear up all possible confusion. Hopefully things will be better for the semis.

  2. 3 ToI September 6, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    I (being the “TO” – though not really the TO I just happened to get stuck with organizing duties since the real TO had family stuff come up day of) agree that the Night fighting ruling should have been done differently, but as it stood we went as best we could, given that without the preplanning of the original TO and the poorly assembled packets it was a crap shoot for what we actually could make happen. Most of our rulings had to go by “committee” when possible since I was to play in the tourney and I didn’t want to be seen as favoring myself in rulings…

    Good write up either way. Wish you could make it to semis.

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