Weekend Gaming: Terrible Twos

My daughter turned two on Friday, so we held her birthday party on Saturday.  Nick and Laura had driven in to visit, so following the festivities we played a couple games of 7 Wonders with them and Joe and Jaime.  The first game I managed to win with a strong military strategy, a bunch of civilian structures and a very big help from the Philosopher’s Guild.  The second game I ended up focusing on Civilian structures far too much and ended up doing pretty poorly.  Funnily, though, my wife calculated the final score and announced that I had won.  I couldn’t believe that, so I recalculated and found that she had given me an extra 10 points somehow.  So the game actually went to Nick who had a much more well rounded strategy.

Later that evening, Joe and Kevin joined us to learn Dominant Species.  The game focuses on the development of several types of animals in the time leading up to the Ice Age.  Each player controls an animal type (birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids) and uses various actions each turn to adapt their animals to the world or affect the world directly.  Since none of us had really played the game before, there was definitely some confusion about the best strategy.  Kevin and Joe were duking it out in the tundra areas trying to win the Survival points.  Most turns, though, they ended up tied, so neither got the points.  Gina and I were more passive and just trying to control the lower half of the board.  I was having a tough time in the beginning, as I was playing Amphibians and I needed to spend plenty of actions trying to protect my water elements on the world.  Eventually, though, I was able to pick up a few extra actions each turn and I really focused on being the most dominant species on my tiles.  I may not have had the most species on the planet, but I was the best suited for the environments I lived in.  On the last turn, I was able to secure the first action and took the Domination action to get the Ice Age card.  I had secured dominance on 11 tiles, so I was able to score 45 bonus points on the last turn, launching me into the lead.

The game was a lot of fun, even though it was quite long.  Now that we’ve got a play in, though, and understand a few more nuances of the scoring, I think the next play-through will be quite interesting.

Until next time, happy gaming!



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