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On Saturday, I helped to run an 1850 point 40k tournament.  Since there was only 5 other players and the other guys were okay with it, I played my Space Wolves.  The other 5 were Ravenwing, two Space Marine armies, Dark Eldar and Eldar.

My first game was against Robert’s Dark Eldar.  The mission was 6 objectives and Dawn of War.  I took the second turn, and the game was pretty uneventful early on.  Robert was deep striking most everything, so the first two turns left little to shoot at.  Eventually, my Lone Wolves and a Thunderwolf Battle Leader engaged Lilith and some Wyches.  That battle lasted for a couple turns, but eventually my wolves were finished off.  That left Lillith in the open, though, and she got blown up by some missiles.  On the other side of the board, a Wolf Guard squad was blasted down to a single man by some Warriors.  He was then assaulted by some Hellions, miraculously survived, killing one and chased them off.  I was able to control two objective, two others were contested, and Robert controlled one.  This gave me the minor win.

My second game was against Jeremy and his Ravenwing.  It was Annihilation with pitched battle deployment.  I was going second again, and deployed the majority of my army to the left hand side of the board.  I was able to fire away with my missiles for most of the game and made it quite difficult for Jeremy to get close unscathed.  The Lone Wolves got into combat with his Speeders and some of the bikes and did incredibly well surviving.  In fact they contributed most of my kill points.  All that was left of the Ravenwing was Samael, and I ended up with a narrow win on kill points.

My last game was against Ryan, who was playing Space Marines.  The objective was table quarters with spearhead deployment.  My Thunderwolves and Lone Wolves dueled Ryan’s Terminators in the center for a few turns, leaving a single Terminator alive.  The rest of my army spread out into the other quarters.  My Wolf Guard (including a Chainfist terminator) shot and then assaulted a 5 man Tactical squad in one quarter, but failed to finish them off.  Another 5 Marines joined the fight, and managed to drag that fight out for the rest of the game.  Even with the Chainfist, I was only killing 1 marine a turn, and it just wasn’t enough.  At the end, Ryan and I controlled our deployment quarters, but the other two were contested, so we finished with a draw.

Overall, I ended up with two wins and a draw, which was enough for 1st place.  Jeremy took second and Dana with his Space Marines took third.  It was a nice tournament, and everyone appeared to have fun.

Now some pictures from the day.


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