Weekend Gaming: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

This weekend was pretty crazy for us.  We held our annual Halloween Party on Friday night with  Nick, Laura, Louis, Kevin, Ryan, Joe and Jaime all in attendance.  There were so many games played that a recap of all would be impossible.

7 Wonders started the night, with Louis taking the win.  Some of us then played Le Havre, while another group played Thurn and Taxis and Princes of Florence.  I had to leave in the middle of Le Havre to take care of some customer support duties for work (by the way, having to go to a meeting with your boss while dressed as a zombie is interesting), but apparently Nick had won that game in a stroke of Beginner’s Luck.

Following that, Joe and Jaime taught Laura and my wife to play Pinochle.  Nick, Kevin, Louis and I played a few rounds of Quarriors.  I like the game, but I still feel it’s very luck driven.  In all three games I was very close to winning, but either didn’t get the right dice on the last round, or my opponents got just the right things to defeat my monsters.

That ended the night for most of the guests, but since Nick and Laura were spending the night, we decided to play some Zombie Dice and Monty Python Fluxx.  Things were getting a bit fuzzy at that point (it was about 3 am), so I couldn’t tell you who won.

Saturday was spent recovering.  We mostly just sat around and watched college football.  I was able to watch my Alma-mater, NDSU, beat up on the University of Northern Iowa for the top spot in their division.  Sunday was more football, and I spent some time working on my Menoth models.

We had a great time with our friends, and we’re looking forward to taking the kids to a Halloween Party tonight.

Enjoy the candy, and happy gaming!


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