Weekend Gaming: Games Galore!

So many games were played this weekend, it was a bit crazy.  Friday night was spent playing Incursion with Gina.  I had bought the game a couple months ago on sale, but we hadn’t played it at all.  We managed to play through the fist two scenarios, the first with me playing the Allies, and the second with me playing the Germans.  In the first scenario I was able to march down one hallway, and got one grunt to the exit while the other distracted the zombies and eventually died.  The second one was looking grim for the Zombies, with two spawns sealed off and only regular zombies remaining.  I was able to grab the first action, though, and got my zombies in behind the two remaining allies to take them down.  The game was definitely a lot of fun.  Very similar to Space Hulk, but with less time spent in setup, which means it’s probably going to get played a bit more often.

Then on Saturday night we had a bunch of people over.  Joe, Phil, Ryan, Louis, Kevin, Gina and I started off with a big game of 7 Wonders.  I was playing Giza and started off with a Civilian strategy.  That ended up not working as I got passed a bunch of military buildings.  Those worked alright and I was able to score 52 points.  But Joe had managed to pull off 34 points from Civilian structures alone, plus a strong Military helped him to a final score of 54 for the win.  It was definitely one of the highest single category scores I have seen.

Sean, a new addition to the group, showed up partway through 7 Wonders, so we then split up to play more games.  Over the course of the night I played Thurn and Taxis, Dominion, Revolution and Princes of Florence.  Horus, Nightfall, Puerto Rico and Acquire were played by the others.

Thurn and Taxis was dominated by Louis.  Sean was just learning the game, and I wasn’t able to get anything going after taking control of the Western edge of the board.  Dominion was a close game using the Interaction set from the base game.  We hadn’t played in ages, and it was fun to play the game again.  I wasn’t able to get much going, and ended up losing, but I can’t recall who won.

I dominated in Revolution, taking control of the Captain, General, Innkeeper and Magistrate early, while the others ended up tying regularly on the others.  This game me the easiest access to Force and Blackmail, which I was able to use to take a commanding lead in Influence on the board.  Toward the end, it was close between Joe and Phil trying to push me out, but I was able to hold on and win.

The final game of the night for me was Princes of Florence.  It was only Kevin, Joe and I playing, and having only three players really changed the dynamic.  I got lucky with my Profession cards as four of them only needed two buildings.  I was able to concentrate on getting Jesters and doing big works for a big chunk of the game.  On the second to last turn, I managed to pick up a good Prestige card that I was able to complete easily, and I ended up winning the game over Joe by a couple points.

It was a great evening overall.  We had a chance to play a lot of games that don’t see the table often and added another member to the gaming group.  Until next time, happy gaming.


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