Malifaux: Lucius vs. Pandora

On Wednesday, Ryan and I played a game of Malifaux for the first time in ages.  We were a bit rusty on the rules, so we were only able to get through four turns in the course of two and a half hours.  I was playing my Guild with Lucius, two Guild Guard, a Guard Captain, an Austringer and Ryle.  Ryan was using Pandora, Candy, Baby Kade and three Sorrows.

We played on the sewer board that I have been working on.  The mission was to kill the opposing Master and I took the scheme to have more models on the table at the end, while Ryan took the one to have more Soulstones (he started with seven and I, one).

Ryan's Crew

The game started pretty slowly with us just moving up towards the center.

On the second turn, a Sorrow managed to Paralyze Ryle, keeping him from doing anything.  The Austringer got his first kill, when Ryan made the mistake of moving a Sorrow into range of his raptor.

Kade and a Sorrow ganged up on a Guild Guard to take him out, but not before the Guard could seriously wound the Sorrow.  Ryle tried to get some shots off, but didn’t do much.

I forgot to take any pictures after that.  Ryle beat himself up because of some influence by the Sorrow and Pandora.  Lucius guided things, but I was having a tough time doing much damage.  At one point, I was able to hit Pandora with a Raptor Strike and flipped a Red Joker, dealing 7 damage.  On the next turn, Ryan healed Pandora with Candy and flipped a Red Joker to heal all the damage.

We decided to call it on turn four.  Ryan tried to make on last hit on a Guild Guard with Pandora, but failed.  In doing so, he moved Pandora away from her guards, and the Austringer was able to some good hits and finished her off.

It was a fun game, and it was nice to be playing again.  I really liked the way Lucius works as a master, though he’s not the best against the Neverborn.  Playing again made me really want to paint more Malifaux stuff, so hopefully you’ll see more of them here soon.


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