Thunderwolf Group Shot

Now that I have finished up painting and basing all of my Thunderwolves, I figured I had better post a group shot of them.

The five on the outside are from Mythicast.  The one in back with the Thunderhammer is made from a Heroclix wolf, and the one in the front-center is a Dungeons and Dragons Vampire Dire Wolf.

The snow bases were done with a mix of baking soda, white glue and a bit of white paint.  I started by mixing it all up to a gloppy mess, and then smearing it on the bases.  Once that mix was on, I sprinkled some dry baking soda over the top.  The final step was sealing it all up with a couple coats of Krylon Matte sealant.

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  1. 1 gadm becky December 16, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    great way to create the look of snow….besides a clever paint job on the group

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