Weekend Gaming: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Not much going for board games this weekend.  A game of Caylus between my wife and I was it for us.  It was a fun one, though.  I was hitting the cash pretty hard with about 5 residential buildings.  I was the transitioning those into monuments using the Architect and some royal favors.  As I was setting up to build the 25 point Cathedral, I missed the fact that Gina had managed to get enough materials to build it just before I could.  That shot her into the lead, and while I was able to get close, I wasn’t able to overtake her and ended up losing by about 5 points.

Other than that, I’ve been spending a bunch of time playing Star Wars: the Old Republic.  I pre-ordered on Thursday and got invited to the early access on Friday.  I’m playing a Jedi Consular and he’s level 13 now.

In non-gaming news, my wife and I did some holiday baking today.  She made a bunch of chocolate-peppermint cookies that were then dipped in white chocolate.  I made my all time favorite ginger-bacon cookies.  They are delicious.  Most of these are heading to my office for a potluck.

Have a great holiday season, and happy gaming.


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