Weekend Gaming: Happy Holidays!

The long weekend has passed, and there wasn’t much gaming to be done.  I spent most of the time up with my in-laws eating, chatting and wrangling the half dozen munchkins that were running around.  It was a great time.

My son got a ton of toys, but one of the neatest thing was one of the Heroica games from Lego.  It’s a pretty simply dungeon crawler, with a barbarian, thief and a wizard fighting against golems for treasuse.  The layout is customizable and the various sets can be combined to create a multitude of maps.  My son and I played it a few times on Christmas Eve and had a blast.

I got a bunch of gift cards and such, so I now own a copy of Gamma World and a Necron Ghost Arc.  More things to work on and work with later.



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