Weekend Gaming: Tournament Time

I played in a local 40k RTT on Saturday with my Wolves and did alright.  There were eight players at the start, and a 9th showed up before round 2.  So the tournament organizer played in the second and third rounds.  The armies present were, two Imperial Guard, two Orks, Grey Knight, Blood Angels, Daemons (the TO), Necrons (the late guy), Dark Eldar and Space Wolves (me).  I ended up in third in points overall, and the Grey Knights player won the day.  I did end up taking the Best Painted award, so that was nice.  I will be posting a full wrap-up of the games a little later this week, along with picture of my army.

Later that evening, my wife and I met up with friend for some games.  We played a game of Catan first, that I managed to win after getting some lucky rolls and a timely Monopoly on Wheat to build the last City I needed.  We finished the night with a quick game of Euchre.  The girls were having a really tough time getting anything going, and never made it above a point.  Nick was rolling pretty well, but slowed down enough that I could catch him.  In the end, though, I just didn’t get the right cards, and he was able to grab the win.

Overall, it was a busy weekend.  It was nice to get some 40k games in and see some friends.  Until next time, happy gaming!


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